Paypal Gives Some Love to Android Devs

“Hi all – it’s Osama Bedier here, PayPal’s VP of platform, mobile and new ventures, with good news for our Android developers.

We know you want a quick and easy way to integrate payments into the Android apps you’re building, and we’re pleased to announce that our Mobile Payments Library is now available for the Android.”

Hopefully those words are music to your ears if you are an Android Dev!  One of the things that we have heard time and time again from software developers is that it is not easy to get paid or make money with their apps on the Market, but also with micro transactions WITHIN applications, which can be a major source of revenue.

The article from the Paypal blog talks about the different solutions that Paypal is giving developers through the PayPal X Toolkit for Google App Engine (GAE).

Anything that will allow devs to create more revenue, and with more ease at that, is a good thing in my book. It may spurn some growth in the Market, giving incentive for the bigger, better apps to be created there.

Devs can download the Tookit through the Paypal Developer Portal, and those of you lucky enough to be at Google I/O can see a demo at PayPal’s booth.

  • William

    Why do people keep saying "the Android?" It is like saying "the Ubuntu" or "the Windows." It just doesn't work. people either need to drop the "the" or say platform after it. Sorry for the rant, but that bugs the hell out of me.

  • Hi William
    You're allowed to rant as much as you want. That's what the Internets are for 🙂

  • I believe you mean "spur" not "spurn".

  • eka

    thanks for sharing. nice post. i like it :p