Seesmic Announces Google Buzz Support for Android

Seesmic- one of the most popular social software clients on Android -announced the integration of Google Buzz into Seesmic for Android today.  Users will now be able to manage Google Buzz in Seesmic for Android, as well as Seesmic for Web,, and Seesmic’s preview version of the next generation of Seesmic Desktop.

Seesmic for Android (which is only available to attendees at Google I/O who attend the Seesmic booth but not yet available from the Android Market) allows users to add a Google Buzz account and view, search and post to the personal Buzz feed. It even supports to add comments and likes to streams.  It is very comprehensive.

Seesmic has yet not announced when Seesmic Mobile for Android with Google Buzz support will be available to the public from the Android Market.  Hopefully they do soon.  I for one, can’t wait.

Are you excited about this?  Do you want to see Google Buzz support in Seesmic?  Would you rather see a native Google Buzz app from Google? Let us know!

Source: Unwired

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    • Ruben
      May 20, 00:59 Reply

      Thanks I love it, I think this will take Buzz to another level

  1. amarquart
    May 20, 03:42 Reply

    Yes I want it. Funny thou, I just got 2.1 so now I have the Buzz app… I'm sure I will find use for both… I thought the Buzz integration into Seesmic Web to be just as huge! and I have also been anticipating the release of Desktop…. man a lot of cool news today!

  2. eka
    July 13, 07:17 Reply

    thanks for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

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