Google Voice for Android Updated

In other Android news(can you believe there was actually other Android news today besides Froyo?), the Google Voice app for Android was updated. Last time around, the application received a major message syncing feature, which gave nearly instant notification of SMS.  While, this update isn’t as big, it is definitely still significant.  Google has now given users the ability to turn on and off SMS forwarding from the application, something I have wanted for a while. One great new feature is that now in the notification pull down, it says who the SMS is from, instead of just displaying the  Google Voice app icon like it used to. Overall, the update will make messaging through Google Voice more convenient.  Check it out when you get a chance.

Source: Google Voice

  • Jon From PHX

    Ywah, I've noticed the new feature to, updated it about an hour ago.

    Morotola Droid = iPHONEY KILLAAAAA

  • Big Tony

    How about making it transcribe in language that doesn't resemble a two year old?

    • But that's half it's charm right now. I have no less than 6 new names thanks to it's odd, selective hearing. My friend Deb is also now, apparently, my dad.

  • mister m

    Sounds great. Now if they would open it up so others could use it!

  • mauriceh

    Whatever.. I am in Canada.

  • Well looks good!I haven't checked it yet but I will soon check it out.
    Review seems nice..I will keep visiting for more reviews.

  • Marton

    What I have to do to get these updates?

    • Chris

      Go to the market. Update your app.

  • aleis

    still crashes. back to the old version i go.

  • I just wish they'd allow us to separate the notification settings (sound, etc.) for voicemails and SMS. I treat them very differently, and I end up missing text messages because I tune out the voicemail sound for calls I purposefully ignored.

  • RedOctober

    Now if they can do multiple accounts for Voice like they have for Gmail.

  • I use it, I like it but when calls come in, the other person sounds distant and with a delay, reminds me of 1986 international phone calls into Mexico.

  • Google's blog I noticed when I read the news on my phone Android. I immediately switched to it. It does, indeed, faster text messages directly to the phone, but is still a big improvement over what GV Android users had before.