Roger’s Navigator for Android

Hey Canadian’s, depressed you can’t find a great turn-by-turn app because Google Navigation isn’t available yet? Rogers has just announced Rogers Navigator(TM) for Android. Rogers also recently announced Rogers Navigator(TM) for iPhone which was a re-branded version of the Telenav app and is also the same thing for the Android. With many years of experience and well known to many Canadians this application is a no-brainer if you are looking for turn-by-turn navigation with must-have and useful features such as 2D/3D maps, real-time traffic updates, one-touch reroute, business search, day and night modes, and pre-planned trips. As a premium application this service will cost you $4.99 per month on top of your regular wireless charges. The application is said to be on the market now, but as of yet I am unable to see it myself.

SOURCE: Mobile Syrup

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  • Wade

    How about Google gets off their asses and just gets navigator working in canada so I don't have to PAY for something rogers made when google has a free version of it in the states.

    No thanks.

  • @AhmedEltawil

    Rogers is already ripping us Canadians off, Nokia is already offering its Navigation product for free, and Google is about to release their Google Nav service for free too, there is absolutely no way I will be handing Rogers money intentionally for that service that will be free soon. Rogers is just trying to get their customer's money on Navigation services before Google makes it free.

  • MECU

    Or just use Waze? It's free.

  • kamil

    Or you can root your phone and use the unlocked google navigation that works just fine in canada. Been using it on my n1 and dream for a while now

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  • eka

    thanks for sharing. nice post. i like it :p