Samsung Galaxy S Video from Google I/O

The good folks at AndroidRelease had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Samsung’s impending superphone, the Galaxy S, at the Google I/O conference today, and captured the moment on video.

In addition to a look at the next generation of TouchWiz (which they give a thumbs up to), they note the hardware’s uncanny resemblance to the iPhone, and got a bit of information on when we might get our hands on it: the Samsung reps mentioned a global launch this summer.


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  1. Patrik
    May 20, 06:49 Reply

    eeew… i looks lika an ipho… yuck

  2. Mike
    May 20, 07:19 Reply

    @Patrik second emotion!

  3. Rob
    May 20, 08:09 Reply

    Release this thing! I'm fed up with al the "reviews" where you only get to see the different menu's..

  4. sumvision cyclone
    May 20, 11:44 Reply

    If you look at the Samsung phone Superwave works Mind, and the interface is similar in appearance. I am thinking that Samsung would put their TouchWiz interface 4 Phone Android.

  5. MatthewPatience
    May 20, 15:11 Reply

    I told you guys! just like I said on the Podcast last week, the phone will be modelled like the Samsung Wave, almost exactly! Even though the video was blurry the Wave still looks like it has a nicer screen than this.

  6. Joe
    May 28, 21:07 Reply

    Dont trust anything Samsung says….. remember my poor Behold II :(

  7. eka
    July 13, 07:15 Reply

    thanks for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

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