Android 2.2 Rolling Out To the Nexus One Right Now


TechCrunch is reporting that Android 2.2, codenamed “Froyo”,  is going live for the Nexus One.  That’s right folks, it appears to already be on the way!  Get ready Nexus One owners!   If I were you, I would check for an OTA update right now.

Apparently, TechCrunch reporter MG Siegler confirmed through pictures that 2.2  has actually rolled out to his device and he says it is very very fast.  As soon as we get more confirmations or word from Google we will let you know as soon as we can.

Has anyone else seen a system update for Android 2.2 on their Nexus One yet?  If you do, let us know!

Update: We are now getting other confirmations of the roll out via Droidnytt and Engadget.  I should also mention that a number of reports on Twitter indicate that more people are seeing the update as well.

Source: Tech Crunch


  1. Still in San Francisco so don't have data on my 3G Nexus One, but tried to check over WIFI to see if there are any updates. Don't see anything yet. Hopefully when I get back to Canada tomorrow (err Today) and turn data on, my Christmas comes early! 🙂

  2. Hope Google comes out with a 4.3" 720+p 8mp phone soon so I don't have to wait for software I don't even care about to be updated before I get my o.s. updates.

  3. Nothing here. I'm using the AT&T 3G Nexus, so I wonder if the OTA will be different between carriers, or if they will all be pushed out at the same time. Hoping AT&T doesn't screw me over yet again!

  4. Baseband info is positioned like that arguably because that's where it is if you haven't scrolled down – so its not THAT suspicious.

    Still, nothing on my Nexus One either.

    When you click on "System updates" the "Your system is currently up to date" response is too fast for it to be done on the fly. When is it done? Boot up? Any way to force the check? I tried rebooting, but update still not available 🙁

  5. if this is a real update, then why not post a picture with the baseband version and the build number ?? why just leave it to firmware version ??

  6. Something isn't right. That MG Guy at TechCrunch seems to be the only person in the world to have received this OTA update. Gonna have to call BS on this considering the source.

      • Not offended… 🙂

        First Tech Crunch will loose all credibility by spreading fake news… very unlikely.
        Secondly, there are many people on twitter reporting to have received the update.

  7. Updates have started. They are being staggered to users over the next few weeks. Seems like the Devs and Bloggers will receive them first (makes sense) and regular owners are in the near future. Keep checking.

  8. Not a fake retards! do your fn homework! Sheesh. "I didn't get it on my phone first so this must be a fake. WAH, WAH, WAH!!!" bitches!