December 17, 2014

Manually Update Your Nexus One To Android 2.2 Froyo!



FroYo (Android 2.2) is now available to download for Nexus One owners.

First impression, this thing is FAST. Just navigating around the menus, this thing is “Wickid Fast” (as Ray would say)! I can’t recall when an update had this much impact on Android’s UI.

Here’s how to update manually. Note, you MUST BE RUNNING STOCK RECOVERY!!

  1. Download the Android 2.2 firmware for the Nexus One – here is the link to download
  2. Rename the file and copy it to your microSD card via USB. [Note: make sure the file is named and not]
  3. Power down your Nexus One
  4. Hold down the “Volume Down” button as you power the phone back on.
  5. A screen should appear showing your phone’s system searching for various files. Scroll down to “recovery” and press the “Power” button.
  6. When you see the triangle with an exclamation point symbol, press the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons at the same time.
  7. From the menu that appears, select “Apply”
  8. When the screen displays “Install from sdcard complete” select “reboot system now” and wait for the phone to power back up. It may reboot itself instead of asking you to do it.

Flash it, tell us what you think? Honestly, this is why I bought the Nexus One. For this moment, right here.

Edit: Thanks to Cyanogen if you want root after flashing FroYo, you’ll want to check this thread on XDA for his solution.

Thanks to Phandroid: Manually Update Your Nexus One To Android 2.2 Froyo! | Android Phone Fans.

  • Frank Herrera

    This will not work on an AT&T/Rogers N1. The firmware is only for the T-Mobile version of the N1. If you look at the name of the firmware zip file you will see: FRF50-from-ERE27. FRF500 is the firmware build number for 2.2, and ERE27 is 2.1 firmware build number for the T-Mobile version of the N1. The build number for the AT&T/Rogers N1 is EPE54B.

  • Carly13

    I think the problem may be in the android application development. The enterprise requires so many hands in the pie that it is hard to track exactly where our money is going. Not to mention the time it takes to get upgrades. I understand that they would rather take the time to put out a decent upgrade rather than put out buggy stuff, but just be honest with us about when we can expect them instead of stringing it along.
    Carly S.

  • Nick

    It won’t work on Rogers because Rogers is horrible. I recently moved out of their service area (thank god) and am now exclusively AT&T and I couldn’t be happier. Find the precious Froyo, haha!

    Nick |

  • Magid Opyh

    I have the problem with the installation. — Install from sdcard… Finding update package … Opening update package … Verifying update package … E:faild to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed Installation aborted.

  • Android App Development

     I had to download it from the app market. Like one of the prior commentators said, it’s nice having the ability to watch shows from sites with *.tv. Can’t watch hulu though due to licensing issues which is unfortunate. I do notice that it takes a while to render pictures properly on some websites. For example, if you go to the New York Times and zoom into the top left hand corner, scroll down, and then scroll back up.

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  • Jezzy

    there's a way to do it, but I haven't found yet. Probably a solution involving a quick command in terminal emulator


  • stefan

    i have one App on my Nexus1 – the AK Notepad – which allows me to transfer it to the SD card. all the rest of my apps, as all the rest of you have mentioned, are not able to be transferred. my initial thought — Apps unable to be Xferred to SD were those which needed network contact to function/sync/interact.