Adobe Reader Arrives for Android

So I just happened to notice Adobe Reader in the Android Market a few minutes ago, sitting there with less than 50 downloads!  What a sneaky little product release that was, Adobe.  This marks only the second title from the company, following last year’s Photoshop app.  The photo editing tool has seen over 250,000 downloads since launch so we fully expect Reader to hit that mark too.  A free official PDF client has long been asked for by fans.

Features listed in the market description include:

  • Open PDF files as email attachments and on the web
  • Interact with PDF files using advanced multi-touch gestures like Pinch zoom, Double tap Zoom, Flick scrolling & Panning
  • Reflow view fits the page contents to the screen for easy viewing

After spending a couple of minutes with the app, we’re already hoping to see support for opening locally stored PDF files.  We’d love to sideload our Watchmen comics to read back on a 4.3-inch EVO screen!

BE ADVISED: Reader needs the following in order to install and work properly – Android v 2.1 and above, 550 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, and4.3 MB of available disk space

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  1. racelife
    May 24, 19:26 Reply

    Finally! just last night I was searching for a better way to view .pdf

  2. Bo Stone
    May 24, 15:35 Reply

    I thought it was a joke, but no – real deal. It was weird to see that “<50 downloads" there

  3. Rubbinz
    May 24, 19:35 Reply

    Buggy as sin and slow for me on my N1 with Froyo. I double tap to zoom, it zooms in then crashes. The bundled viewer on the N1 is much faster.

  4. Raphaels
    May 24, 19:37 Reply

    Still no way to place notes on a PDF on Android… I would have ope that from Adobe.

  5. Tenkely
    May 24, 19:42 Reply

    Think I'll stick with the bundled viewer on my N1… why waste resources with two apps that have identical functions?

  6. LipGloss712
    May 24, 19:47 Reply

    I don't see it on the market. On the G1. Ugh can't wait to get the EVO as soon as it comes out!

  7. dethduck
    May 24, 19:48 Reply

    I'm going to guess it's for OS 2.x or higher, running 1.6 on my MT3G and showing nothing in market.

  8. iliyang
    May 24, 19:51 Reply

    Agree with Rubbinz. Tested on a 580 page book – scrolling is a bit faster with the Adobe reader, but the files takes forever to load. Plus, the HTC PDF Reader (which actually contains Adobe Reader LE 2.5, as it says in the About screen) has an order of magnitude more options…

    Come on, Adobe! Hire one more person – you can do better than that. You've made PDF files part of our daily lives – now provide us with a decent PDF reader!

    And I want it to remember the last position when I reopen a file, please! I don't want to scroll 324 pages every time….

  9. muziqaz
    May 24, 23:58 Reply

    Seeing how adobe 'supports and develops' it other products(flash, mobile photoshop), I will stay away as far as possible from them.

  10. Zaerath
    May 25, 03:41 Reply

    So basically…. No G1 support, since the newer Magic/MyTouch has 256MB of RAM, and all G1s only have 192MB….

  11. just some dude
    May 30, 20:53 Reply

    man for me this is the fastest pdf viewer so far on my N1 froyo. faster than quick office, docs2go.

  12. khay
    July 13, 06:58 Reply

    thanks for sharing. nice post :p

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