December 20, 2014

Android Screenshots: No Root Required with EVO

We’re not sure if this is a bug that will get fixed, an easter egg, or what, but when we heard reports of unrooted EVO users being able to use the screen capture app ShootMe, we had to test it out ourselves. And it worked! You’re looking at the results of our test on the left.

Previously, getting screenshots from an unrooted Android device required hooking it up to a P.C. that has the Android SDK installed. Applications in the Market that take screenshots, including ShootMe, all note requiring a rooted phone to work.

We tested this on a stock HTC EVO 4G distributed at Google I/O. Let us know in the comments if other screen capture apps work on your unrooted EVO, or if you’ve come across other methods of getting screen captures on unrooted devices.

Update: We’ve confirmed this does not work on an unrooted Nexus One. Seems to be something specific to the EVO.

Update July 16: The recent OTA update the EVO received closed the security loophole that allowed this, so it no longer works.

  • Iwantedtoputmynamehere

    It works on my Samsung Mesmerize!! I think I’m still on Android 2.1

  • Yazzy310

    Does not work on my EVO 4g . Since I updated my HTC software today

  • guest

    After the most recent update on the EVO, it no longer works on unrooted devices. 6/7/11

  • Tuitillidie249

    Says I have to have root access.

  • Pamela

    Doesn’t work for me anymore after I updated to Gingerbread. SAD DAY. :'( WHY THE HECK DID THEY CLOSE THE LOOPHOLE?!?! WOULD NOT have updated the software if I had known this.

  • tristan1749

    There are some that say Froyo 2.2 is able to take screenshots with a back>power or back>home sequence. I don’t have one, so I can’t veryify.  If you still haven’t figured yours out, try my video at It’s free, no gimmicks. Looks complicated, but it’s really not. 

  • Bluintheye

    New OS update installed for my Evo today and now Shoot Me will not work anymore! get the message  “Failed Starting Server. Please check that you have ***ROOT*** access on your device.” I’m so bummed…

  • Danny Michel

    Doesnt work. Still telling me i need root access

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  • Ana


  • Redsrus3k

    It makes me wanna get a freakin iPhone….yes, I just threw up in my mouth! GEESH! How hard can it be to get an app without invading your phone by rooting?! This feature should have been on the phone to begin with!!!! Good gosh!!!!!!

  • Yungtom007

    I just downloadedthis and it did not work on evo LIARS

    • Swade1989

      If you upgraded to 2.3 then it wont work but if you still have 2.2 then it should work

  • EVOuser

    Doesnt work after update on EVO. Dont even like the update, if i would have knew i wouldnt have updated

  • Swade1989

    didnt work for me either

  • syllable

    have to have a rooted phone. still.

  • Gary

    Gingerbread update blew it for me. I can no longer use the Shoot Me app. Thanks HTC (or whoever is responsible).

  • RC40203

    just hold the power button and press home, this takes screen shot on the Evo without an app.

    • mifune

      only on the 3D uselss for older models

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