Flash Games for all You Froyo Users!


The world’s largest browser based games network, Mochi Media, is announcing that they will be launching a Flash 10.1 based site that will allow Froyo users to play 25 browser based games on launch.

From the press release:

The site, m.mochigames.com will feature more than 25 games and will be available upon the release of Google’s next version of Android (“FroYo”) phones. The site features mobile-optimized versions of puzzle game Biomass, card game Magic Towers Solitaire and strategy game Wheekling, as well as other puzzle, strategy and shooter games

This is an exciting development as we near the time that Flash is finally going to be a viable reality for Android users, and a MAJOR leg up on iPhone users who will not be able to use flash based sites. The site mentioned above is live now, so those Nexus One owners who have already gotten Froyo should be able to play the games there. Leave some comments and let me know how it works! As I am still rocking the G1, so I am relying on you all to let me know how awesome it is!


  1. The games are pretty good, but the instructions are too small to read in most cases. Still, it's great to have the site available.

  2. Just the other day my friend was trying to show me his Androi played flash games. But the website didn’t load the games. I will try this one, thank for the news.