Let’s Try That Again: Gameloft Releases Ten HD Games for Android

It was one week ago today that Gameloft unveiled ten HD games for Android handsets.  It was almost immediately pointed out that there were problems with finding and loading games onto various handsets.  Gameloft quickly and quietly pulled the links down.  Today sees the developers giving it a second attempt.  Head to gameloft.com/android-games/ and download games like Assassin’s Creed, Modern Combat, NOVA, and Hero of Sparta for your Android phones.

Thanks to Dave for the heads up!

  • A couple of things to note. It's actually 9 new games since Asphault 5 has been out for awhile. Also there was a price change. A week ago the games were $4.99 and now they are $6.99 so if you were lucky to buy one a week ago and not delete it off your phone you end up saving two bucks.

  • I bought a few games and even though its priced higher. When I got to the point of paying, it was only $3.

    • Weird, their site is all whacked out then cause it's advertised still as $6.99 lol Never seen a more messed up launch for games

  • Shane

    Do we know if these play any better on nexus 2.2?

    • yes they do, well Dungeon Hunter does, we just posted a review of dungeon hunter running on Android 2.2..not to self promote or anything =/

    • reddragon72

      I notice a speed boost on Asphult, before I couldn't play it at all on my N1 cause it would come to a crawl all over the place, but now it only seems to do it when I have 3 other AI cars that are in the race, not just cars driving by but the actual AI cars. I was able to play and finish the race with less then 30% stuttering on the N1 with 2.2 and before with 2.1 it was around 70% stuttering.

      Dungeon Hunter has increased in playability as well. Over all I would say every game and app seems to be quicker and snappier with 2.2

  • rune

    Your link kicks me to the same page as before… Still "no games available for my handset"… A HTC Incredible.


  • Go to the web site on your computer and purchase that way.

  • Make sure you click on the buy button below the game from the main page if you click on the game and then click buy now it doesn't work.

  • It won't let me buy NOVA or Modern Combat for my Nexus One. It says it is not available yet.

    HAWX is a little sluggish, hopefully when I get Froyo it will run better.

    Let's Golf works great, smooth framerate.

    Gangster runs well but the sensitivity of the steering is too low and no way to increase it.

    These games eat batteries for lunch and require a large download of about 75MB after launching the game.

    • Well thankfully with the new phones and the space they come with, size won't be an issue..that and Apps2SD when more people actually get Android 2.2

      Of course the FPS games wouldn't be available…damn them

  • It wont let me buy Dugeon Hunter either. But Hero of Sparta works quite well.

  • Android Market or bust.

    • completely agree with that lol

  • marc

    didn't work for me either, nexus one (2.2). It said:
    Sorry. The game you selected will be available for your phone and carrier soon. Please check again later for availability.

  • David

    I've got a T-mobile Nexus One, but the first thing the purchase site asks for is the carrier, and the only option is Verizon.

  • Fail. I selected my Region and Carrier and now it keeps telling me i'm not a member of that group.

    Agree with the Android Market or bust statement.

  • xavier7

    Ok, this sucks, big time. Asphalt 5 appears on Gameloft website.
    But its not on Android Market!
    I bought the game from Android Market, how the hell do they expect me to receive updates? Buy again every single time?
    Tried to do a query on Customer Support, but my country isnt listed in the Country drop down, and its a mandatory field in the form 😀

    Way to go GAMELOFT!!!!!

  • I can find it in the Market, its just called Asphalt.

  • mac

    I think froyo user aren't able to see some app.. I too can't find asphalt.. and many others.. I read some where that now developers can target specific phones so i guess that's what's happening

  • All protected apps are blocked from 2.2 for the time being

  • I got Asphalt from Gameloft's website and its version 3.1.0, while Gameloft only has 3.0.8 available on the Market.

    I had originally bought Asphalt from the Market but returned it as performance on my Nexus One was not that great.

    I can tell you that 3.1.0 runs way better on my Nexus One.

    I think that the store is available by accident. I don't think they are ready to officially release these games, which is why it is not working for everyone. When it is ready and they are up fully up to date. I hope they text a download link whenever their is an update for a game. Or preferable make it available for all through the market.

  • reddragon72

    The main issue that I have with Gameloft is space. Each game loads up around 10megs of internal memory and at 10 games your talking 100megs of your apps space gone. They need to make their apps SD card ready so you can clear room for other apps. What was that you say, only load one at a time, well that is not the point, the point is that their games are very large in size and they want people to buy there games so they should make them SD card ready. And yes they should put them on the market mainly because most people don't know to read sites like this to find out about games/apps that are available outside the market. But the fact that it is not a requirement is something that I like… this is not an Apple platform this is a free and open platform!

  • Wait wait wait is this the same gameloft that said they were losing money due to android market piracy?

  • It's far worse than I thought. I'm sorry for recommending the service. If you uninstall a game to save space, thats it your done. If you go to install it at a later point the game wont work. It only works once. Their recommendation is to buy it again. They also said once installed they wont refund, in less you buy it again. WHAT?


  • lolobabes

    hawx is running flawlessly on my N1 with Froyo… ahihihihi

  • Julius

    Ouch, none available in NZ.