Gowalla Android App Ugraded With Commenting, Photo Sharing, and Social Network Integration

Gowalla is really raising their game lately. The latest version of their Android app, labeled Gowalla 2.0, is now available in the Android Market and takes it up a notch towards Foursquare.  Overall, the 2.0 app has many new features including:

  • Sharing and viewing photos attached to a location
  • Comment on posts
  • View bookmarked Spots
  • View Facebook/Twitter profiles
  • Accept or reject friend requests
  • View more of your friends’ Passport info

In addition to the new features, Gowalla 2.0 also has some core improvements to it’s design. The app perform tasks faster than you have previously experienced. It is very very fast, even on 2G.  Along with the new features, Gowalla should provide a better experience for users.  Personally I really enjoy using it to locate friends and places to spend time.  It’s good fun.

If you want to check out Gowalla 2.0 and I recommend you do, head on over to the Android Market and search “Gowalla.”

Let us know what you think!

Source: Gowalla

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