MocoSpace Brings Chat, Social Networking App to Android

MocoSpace is announcing today that their first Android application is now available. Similar to their mobile website, the app focuses on social networking and chatting. MocoSpace currently enjoys 11 million registered users with 3 billion monthly pages. MocoSpace for Android offers live chat, photo uploading, message notifications, and profile viewing and commenting in a rather clean and friendly manner.

We’ve really listened to what our users want in developing this application. We know that our users love to communicate, so we’re committed to giving them the best mobile chat experience to help people stay connected and have fun on their phones. – MocoSpace CEO Justin Siegel

MocoSpace for Android runs on Android 1.5 and above. Grab it for free out of the Android Market today.

  • chris

    Checked out the market on my cliq (running 2.1) and could not find anything??? =//

    I know I know… your gonna ask me how I got 2.1 on my cliq…
    WE CLIQ USERS CAN NOW RUN 2.1 just go to forums and check out the development section for the cliq..!

  • Fort Griffen

    Do they realize "moco" means "booger" in Spanish?

    • lilly

      MoCo is actually an acronym (i guess) for MObile COmmunity 🙂

  • thanks for sharing. nice post :p


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