OTTER – Answers Texts, Saves Time, Saves Lives

As you may or may not know, I love to listen to podcasts, especially Android podcasts.  So when I listened to owner Erik Wood, featured on This Week In Android,  speak about how the idea for OTTER was born after a dramatic near miss of  his 3 year old daughter by a driver who was pre-occupied with texting, I knew this was something I needed to check out.

OTTER or One-Touch-Text-Response is a customizable application that can be set to send an auto-response to all text messages that you receive while driving, in the workplace or when you need a break from the never ending world of constant communication.   There are several ways you can use OTTER.

A timer auto-reply function manages incoming texts during specific times such as a daily commute, a doctor’s rounds or an important meeting.  When OTTER’s auto-reply function is turned on, text messages will be automatically replied to with your pre-determined response.   This function is perfect when you are on a plane, in a car or in a movie and you can’t get to your phone.  The auto-reply mode also has a timer that allows you to turn on auto-reply for a set period of time keeping you focused on your task at hand.  When the timer ends, you can check your recent text messages and reply as normal.

There is also a manual mode  so users can respond to an incoming text in a fraction of a second, allowing them to focus on the task at hand while giving them the peace of mind that their incoming texts have been addressed.  When manual mode is enabled, if an incoming text arrives when you are busy, three of your customized responses appear on the screen so that you can respond to the text with just one touch.

When you enable OTTER’s GPS mode, OTTER App will automatically launch when the GPS detects that you are moving faster then 5 mph to help you break the text and drive temptation.

With OTTER’s parental control feature, parents can enter a password and know that when their teen’s phone is in a moving vehicle.  OTTER will then stay on,  silence all primary text notifications, and auto-reply with an anti-texting and driving message.  This feature is the cornerstone of OTTER’s “Break the Habit” Campaign, which focuses on raising awareness of texting and driving dangers.

OTTER is available in the Android Market in three different versions.  OTTER-lite is a free version that only offers you the customizable manual mode. OTTER-urban gives you all the features of the full version without the parental controls or the GPS mode for $1.99.  The full version is offered for a one-time fee of only $3.99.

The OTTER App worked great on my Droid Incredible.  I will be the first to admit that I have looked at and even tried to answer a text message while driving.  I know this is extremely dangerous and I worry about setting a bad example for my 15 year old daughter who will soon be driving.  I encourage everyone to join the “Break the Habit” Campaign and give OTTER App a try. For more information on the “Break the Habit” Campaign, please visit:

You can find more information on OTTER at

  • Mary Beth – TeleNav

    I'm really pleased to see these apps on the market – it's scary how many teens text and drive these days and, as a parent, you have limited control unless you're in the car with them. Hopefully these really do make a positive difference.

  • damien

    This is without a doubt the most useful app I've seen. As soon as I get my Android phone, it'll be one of the first apps I install.

  • Hey I think your post is great!I found it on Yahoo. Keep up the good work.

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