PhoneTell Gives Caller ID Info for Everyone, Not Just Your Contacts

A new cloud-based application called PhoneTell was announced today that allows you to see Caller ID info from any caller in the world, even if you do not have the information stored in your contacts list.

Along with this pretty cool feature, PhoneTell also gives you the ability to set some different response messages to incoming phone calls.

From the press release:

Managing High-Quality Connections While on the Move

It happens to you every day; you’re at lunch, in an important meeting or on another call when your phone rings, and it’s just NOT a good time.  But you would still like to acknowledge and respond to your caller.  This is when you most appreciate PhoneTell.  Here are some situations where PhoneTell would come in handy!

  • You’re having lunch with an important client and get a call from the nanny.  You simply click on PhoneTell, which instantly sends a text saying, “I can’t talk right now, but text me or call again if this is urgent.”
  • Your newly-licensed teenager is driving and receives a call from a friend.  He simply clicks on PhoneTell and a text is sent instantly saying, “I’m driving; can’t talk right now.  Will call you back.”
  • You’re in an important meeting and get a call from a headhunter who has an update on a new career opportunity.  With one click, you send him an SMS saying, “I can’t talk now, but will call you back in 30 minutes.” You can even tell PhoneTell to remind you with the caller’s phone number, so you are sure to connect.
  • You’re at a movie when you receive a call from the doctor’s office.  You’ve been waiting for test results, but it would be rude to answer in the theatre.  With PhoneTell, you can instantly send a message saying, “I can’t talk right now, but please call me back in an hour.”
  • PhoneTell is available for Android Handsets rocking a 2.0+ version of Android, and is a free download available in the Market now. Give it a try and leave feedback on the app in the comments!

    • guest

      How do all of the landlines in the examples get the texts that you send?

    • I always check caller ID before answering. I received another call and before I could say what he told them to remove my number from your list. Thanks! Oh, and by the way, do not call registry does not apply to charities.

    • sounds neat. a little suggestion… why not post the qr code for apps you post about?

      • Heh…don't bother. I've been suggesting that for about a year now. ; )

    • thanks for sharing. nice post :p