T-Mobile HSPA+ Now Broadly Available Throughout the Northeast

Earlier today, the big magenta announced that they will finally be expanding their HSPA+ network through the Northeast. Now, all of you lucky T-Mobile customers using 3G Android phones will be able to experience a major boost in speed.  We have been checking here in Albany, New York all evening but haven’t seen anything yet, but speeds should increase in the next few days.  As someone who watches a lot of streaming media, I can’t wait.

For those who don’t know, the HSPA+ wireless standard delivers download speeds up to 21Mbps (although most current phones only support 7.2Mbps).  This is quite a bit faster than Sprint‘s Wimax network.  Another good thing about HSPA+ is that customers can keep their current 3G phone to experience the boost.  T-Mobile does not require you to purchase any new phones(unlike some of their competitors).  It is also important to mention that T-Mobile doesn’t charge you an extra ten dollars per month to access these HSPA+ speeds like Sprint will be.

Are any of you guys experiencing a speed boost in the Northeast? What are your download speeds?  If so, let us know!

Source: Press Release

  • bbb

    The EVO is a wonderful piece of hardware, but if to many give up the extra $10 per month, you can bet that the other carriers will be charging more also.

    • Rizo

      I don't think so. This is Sprint we're talking about here.

  • What kind of device can clear the 21 Mbps?

    • SymSoul

      It's my understanding that your phone has to be HSPA+ (which most of the current 3G phones on T-Mob are not) enabled to see this improvement in speed. Otherwise, you're stuck with the same 700kbps – 1.4mbps that everyone else averages on 3G. Think iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3Gs in terms of speed difference!

      • MooMoo

        No… Tmobile phone currently support either HSPA 7.2 or 10.2
        All the Older G1's and MyTouch support HSPA 7.2 (HSDPA)
        Nexus One, HD2, MyTouch Slide Supports HSDPA/HSPA 10.2 ( so 5.1Mbit DL ideal usage speed)

        The Numbers are theoretical Max, so divide by half, thats your actual speed.

  • Alex

    I'm in Defreestville, NY like 5 minutes outside of Albany and i was getting 106 kilobytes per second with 2 bars of service on 3G, i don't think the HSPA+ has made it my way yet 🙁

  • Electrolatino

    Leaving AT$$$$T gets better by the day…

  • 6mbps down tetherd via hd2 , 4 to 5mbps down on speedtest app via nexus. about 1.3 up on both devices.

  • T-Mobile comes hard! The funny thing is that here using 4G speeds. They are all 3G. But in other cases, yes, it offers Sprint and Verizon. Good job T-Mobile.

  • Wildhart

    7.5 Mbps tethered to my Nexus One!! I'm loving it! I can't wait for phones to come out on T-Mobile that can actually take advantage of the full 21Mbps!

    Thank You for not charging us extra like Sprint…

  • and again, indonesia is left behind.. t-mobile only sell their cheap and lame phone in indonesia..

  • thanks for sharing. nice post :p