Froyo’s Keyboard Has New Features


According to Android Central, Froyo actually contains some nifty little improvements to the stock on-screen keyboard. Instead of pressing, or holding down the ?123 button to access the number keys, you can now swipe upwards from the keyboard and bring them up (as seen in the picture above). In addition, if you have multiple keyboard languages installed, you can simply swipe left and right across the space bar to switch between them.

While these improvements are nice, they won’t be causing the stock keyboard to win any special awards. As evident from his recent Gizmodo interview, VP of Engineering at Google, Andy Rubin, is already aware of the need for improvement with Android’s on-screen keyboard. It will be interesting to see what changes he has in mind.

If I were in charge, which I ‘m clearly not, Google would have already purchased Swype and given the Android platform the keyboard it deserves. My fingers are crossed for Gingerbread with Swype. That would be mad-wicked-cool!


  1. I've been using Shapewriter on my G1 for approximately three weeks now. It suffices for all of my texting and data entry. I really only need a keyboard now for the times I'm carrying on an active convo or using ConnectBot for SSH.

  2. Speaking of swype.. have y'all heard any rumors when it'll be coming out of beta? Some of us haven't been able to experience the goodness that is swype yet.

    • LoL. Regardless of whether or not you like inputting through swyping motions, you can still use Swype's keyboard just as you would a normal one with two handed text input. Knowing that, I'm not sure why you'd be against it…

      • Haha! When I was trying out Swype I found it struggled when I attempted to just type. It kept assuming I was swiping. Probably my own fault and how I was typing, but it was enough of a nuisance to put me off. Everyone has things that work for them and things that don't.

  3. While absolutely I think the default keyboard could use some improvement, there is something to be said for choice. Make the default more usable and less frustrating, but I guarantee you I'd still purchase Smart Keyboard Pro, because it's got just the right amount of 'smarts'. I rarely fight it. And yeah, Swype may have a 'regular keyboard' option, but let's face it, it's all about the swyping, which I personally cannot use at all. I like the current model of having options for keyboards.

  4. 123!!

    I entered the line above by swiping upwards on my android 2.2 keyboard. I had to figure out first how it works…

    You press on any of the topmost keys and then swipe upwards. The hidden number and symbol keys will appear. But once you let go, they will hide and the last key your finger was on when you released will be registered…

    At least, that's how it worked for me.

    ( I don't think I'm doing good at explaining… XD )

  5. All my friends know I hate texting because it's difficult for me because my fingers are too big for the often small keyboard buttons. Would love to see swype come soon because then I wouldn't have to take my fingers off the keyboard – would be a huge help!

  6. Still no comma key (",") to be seen. Couldn't they have found another place for the voice input button? Do Android engineers not write with punctuation? Infuriating.