Rumor: AT&T to Release HTC Aria on June 7th

The word around the campfire this morning is that AT&T is planning to unveil an HTC branded Android phone called the Aria on June 7th.  Yeah, the same day Steve Jobs and Co. take to the stage at WWDC.  The handset is said to be running Android 2.1 with HTC‘s Sense UI.  Aside from that, everything else remains a mystery.  Good luck to AT&T if they really do plan on announcing anything handset-related that day.  Something tells us it might get lost in that day’s news.

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  • dkall2

    I hope it is at least comparable to the Desire is specs, with or without a hardware keyboard.

  • Maybe its AT&T's FU to Apple on that day when the iPhone for Verizon is announced.

    Only other thing coming to mind that would top the Android announcements at Google IO would be a back panel touch responsiveness…else its just playing catch up to the Evo.

  • Anyone want to bet that AT&T has completely crippled this phone like they always do with their Android devices?

    • Dan

      "like they always do"? The have a single Android handset right now. I guess you can say every one of their android phones are crippled, but really, a single data point cannot be used to make a general conclusion.

      • They have two, the Backflip and the Aero… both of which are "crippled" Android experiences in my opinion. Locked down so you cannot remove the AT&T apps and sans Google search. So I'm using two data points to jump to that conclusion… heh 🙂 Perhaps a poor choice of words "always" but it is not inaccurate.

  • That was my thought too. They don't want make it so good so that it offends Apple or helps Google.

    Although maybe they will change the announcement depending on whether a Verizon Iphone is announced. So they have crippled and a premium Aria spec prepared just in case.

  • dkall2

    The Aero isn't crippled. It comes preloaded with all of Googles services.

    • And it was done by Dell. But they do allow it on their network; that's good.

    • Booboo

      Crippled as in no android app market access.

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