Samsung i897 Sounding More and More Like a Galaxy S


A few months back a few documents were listed on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group website for a Samsung i897 handset.  At the time it was found that the quad-band GSM device featured a 4.0-inch AMOLED screen, the TouchWiz 3.0 interface, and Bluetooth 3.0 support.  Sounding very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S that debuted at CTIA in March, many believed it could be a variant destined for AT&T.  As we draw closer to the inevitable release we’re starting to learn a few new specs.

A tipster of ours informs us that in addition to the previous details, the phone will be running Android 2.1 “Eclair” when it arrives.  Other hardware details are said to be a 5-megapixel camera and 2GB internal storage.  The touch-only device features a display reported to be 800×480 resolution.

If you ask us, all of this still sounds eerily similar to the Galaxy S.  The two phones match up in pretty much every area so far.  We’re hoping to dig a little deeper and perhaps get our hands on a picture or two.  Be sure to check back or subscribe to AndroidGuys if you want to stay in the loop!

  • Zed

    At&t definitely needs a high-end android device after the obnoxious Moto Backflip. This looks worth the wait.

  • TareX

    I think 4.0″ strikes the sweet spot between the 3.7″ and 4.3″ screens. I just hope At&t doesn’t cripple it by removing the front cam.

  • It won't run a Snapdragon. Not when Samsung has their own 1 GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 which matches or bests the current 1 GHz Snapdragons in pretty much every way.

    My profile should contain the link to my article on the subject.

  • Bronson

    So is this phone exactly the same as the i9000? Because i was looking into getting the i9000 if i could, but if this is what is being released for NA, and it has exactly the same internals as the i9000, ill get it instead because its not made of plastic.

  • great post!! thank you for info :p

  • Well, i have the i9000 Galaxy S from Samsung, which is a very sweet phone. I bought it in Europe, unlocked, so I can use it anywhere in the world. I’ve been to the US and had to change my card there from t-mobile to AT&T since the UMTS bands that T-mobile uses are 1700Mhz and not compatible with the 3-band UMTS in this phone (4 band GSM). Now it is using very fast packet data over the cell network.

    My phone has a very sleek case, although the back is plastic. The feel is very solid and lighter weight than the iPhone 4. I have a front facing camera for video calls, but it appears that most US models of this phone (about 5 different carriers) are not including that. too bad. My guess is that they don’t want to spoil the fun that FaceTime is having on the iPhone, since most of the carriers are also selling or going to be selling the iPhone 4.

    If you want all the languages and functionality of this phone, buy an unlocked European version of the i9000. I paid 430EUR (including the 19% VAT) for this phone with a 8GB internal memory. I installed an additional micro SD card with 8GB in addition.

    great phone with the swype technology for entering text.


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