T-Mobile Garminfone All But Official for June 2 Release

A newly leaked store ad has landed online showing the T-Mobile Garminfone arriving just a few days from now.  Dropping June 2nd, the GPS-heavy handset is expected to retail for $199.99 for new customers who sign a 2-year service agreement.  Of course those of you eligible for upgrade discounts can also take advantage of the same pricing.  Looking to buy one outright so you can avoid that pesky contract?  Get ready to fork over $599.99 for one.  Yeah, that’s right.  Six hundred bucks.

  • Dave

    I got a chance to see a demo at my local Tmo store and It was very disappointing. It used a funky UI that kept me from using the core Android apps and it also comes with 1.5 out of the box. Looked nice but I'll wait for something better.

  • thanks for sharing. nice post :p