Chipmaker Via Saying that $100 Android Tablets Coming to Challenge iPad

Bloomberg is reporting that computer chip maker Via is saying that there are $100 tablets coming to the US in the second half of 2010 that contain their chips.  Richard Brown, Vice- President of Marketing, says that there will be 5 models ranging from the low of $100 to the- high of $150.

Developers are rushing to the tablet market following Apple selling 1 million iPads during it’s first month of availability.

A $100 price point seems tempting, but what will a C-Note get us for hardware, my hopes are not incredibly high.  An Android tablet is needed, but one that can actually compete with the iPad in terms of functionality and usability.

Let’s hope these tablets that are coming are not pieces of junk that will weaken Android coming to a tablet in a powerful way.

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  • dubyaJaySmith

    Any specs/ screen sizes. Couldn't find myself with a quick goog. I hope its larger than 5". I know, thats what she said

  • Bobby

    Check ebay. Most are 5" and 7", with 8"-10" starting around $200. Sure you can get the "iPed" Chinese clones for $150, but that's for Chinese market only.

  • great post!! thank you for info :p