EVO’s Front-Facing Camera Shows Mirrored Image… Tsk Tsk

Our buddy Andrew over at Androinica has brought up something rather disturbing about the EVO’s front-facing camera–it shows everything as a mirrored image. This “glitch” shows itself when taking photos, videos, and while video chatting/streaming.

When video chatting with the PC version of Skype, for example, the program will show you as a mirror image to yourself (since people are used to looking in the mirror) , but to the person you’re speaking with, it will show you normally, as you’d appear if he or she was looking right at you. However, on the EVO, you still show up as a mirror image to your friend. This is very strange behavior for a camera. You can see exactly what I’m talking about if you watch my video of Qik in action (pay attention to when the guy swipes his hand up and down when demonstrating the delay).


When you use the camera on the back of the phone, images and videos come out normally. Why should the front-facing one be any different? Since the problem exists in both the camera app as well as Qik, it’s safe to say that the problem is due to a software issue on HTC‘s part. As far as we know, there’s no way to manually flip it back to normal. This can probably be fixed with a simple software update, though we don’t know if HTC, or Sprint, has anything in the works.

I have sent an email to Sprint regarding the issue and will update this post if I hear anything back.

  • I don't get one thing. As I know Skype is not available for Android yet, or I am missing something? Why are we talking about Skype in the article?

    • I'm referring to the desktop version of Skype. I'll specify that. I'm just using it as an example of how video chat is supposed to work.

    • anon

      Through Fring. It can use your Skype account fine.

    • It would definitely be smart for them to have this be a user changeable option.

  • Jon From PHX

    The Skype App is only available for Verizon…for now


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  • LipGloss712

    So I can use my EVO as a mirror eh. Hmm…

  • leegseegs


    • The_Omega_Man

      Oh yea, that is the killer feature that would prevent the masses from adopting this phone, for sure! <rolls eyes>

  • Um, has anyone ever TRIED doing video chat without mirrored video?! It's disorienting, I think this was intentional and is probably switchable in the settings. Just a guess, but in my opinion, this SHOULD be the default. I mean c'mon, when you're chatting with your loved ones or friends on your phone, do you REALLY care if they are seeing a mirror image vs regular? I think it's a valid trade off.

    • You are right that YOU should see YOURSELF as a mirror image. However, the person on the other end should NOT. And when you take pics and video of yourself, why should that be mirrored as well? Do you like looking at pictures of yourself where the words on your t-shirt are backwards?

      • Agreed, it would be nice to have it auto reverse the image when storing to memory. That would probably be easy for images and difficult for video. It would definitely be smart for them to have this be a user changeable option. I personally wouldn't think I'd use the front facing camera for taking pictures all that much due to its low resolution, but that's just me.

      • I know at least with my desktop video chat via Skype, the mirror setting is controled by the camera itself. I would think it'd be too processor intensive to flip this via software. So it's should really be a system setting for the front facing camera.

  • great post!! thank you for info :p

  • Joe

    When using the front camera, go into the Settings, tap on Mirror Mode (to uncheck) and hold the phone in Landscape mode.

  • Ashley

    How do you take a picture with the forward facing camera? When I start my camera, it defaults to the rear one and I can not figure out how to change to the forward facing one.

  • Umm, really? Who CARES if the images are mirrored. This phone is awesome. Every phone will have something that won’t be as appealing. However, with the advantages and other things that this phone CAN do, a mirrored camera image is a bit obsolete. (Well, to me it is..)

    Oh and Skype is now available for EVO. I use it and it is AMAZING!

  • I’m referring to the desktop version of Skype. I’ll specify that. I’m
    just using it as an example of how video chat is supposed to work.

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