Motorola Shadow Spotted in the Wild…Again

Engadget is reporting that the handset in the picture above is none other than the same Motorola Shadow we’ve been hearing about this week.  The image comes courtesy of the very same person who released the “Getting Started” manual for said handset.  User ‘wnrussel’ of Howard Forums allegedly has the Shadow in hand and is leaking some specs of the phone to the public.  Remember, these are unconfirmed but match some of the rumors about the handset:

  • 4.1 Inch Screen, no word on type from wnrussel
  • Ti Omap 3630 processor, in otherwords a 720 MHz Arm
  • 8 gig internal storage
  • 8 MP Camera

We’re also pretty excited over the HDMI-out port found on the handset in the bottom side corner.

BTW: This looks almost exactly like the renderings that first popped up backed in January, don’t they?

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