Samsung Galaxy S Hits Germany, Asia Targeted for June


The first (and only) Android phone with a Super AMOLED display has started its world tour.  First up is Germany where users can pick one up from Amazon Germany at the not-so-low cost of €649 euros ($799 US). Next month will see the Asian market releasing the phone for roughly the full retail price of S$1,098 ($775 US). Even with its 4-inch screen, 1GHz Hummingbird chip, and 5 megapixel camera, we hope the price comes down a little bit when it arrives stateside.  Although the phone will be shipping with Android 2.1, Samsung claims it will get Froyo (2.2) .

  • JON

    So I guess it is not very likely this will be on AT&T in June. 🙁 Let's hope this Aria turns out to be a good one. Not everyone on AT&T wants an iPhone!!

  • It goes to Poland too. It will be sale in shop Look at

  • Josh B

    Looks like the Galaxy S will be on T-Mobile as T959 and on AT&T as I897.

  • Toro

    The most I would pay (on contract) is $300

  • Acer_Liquid

    Samsung has a terrible record of abandoning updates after a phone is released.

  • Peter

    Is that "SAMOLED" thingie worth it? Did anyone compare it to something like the Nexus1 or Desire?

  • JaylanPHNX

    No way it costs that much when it reaches here. There's more to it than just exchange rate. Things like taxes and tariffs and market tolerance have a lot to do with it. So does the retailer. I recently saw that Best Buy was charging $557 for pre-orders of the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide, which will sell at T-Mo stores for $399. With the EVO 4G selling at $499 full price, I don't see this selling at any more than $570 or so. That's still a lot, but not that bad.

  • great post!! thank you for info :p

  • Sachintham1