Vlingo for Android Impresses

As many of you know, Vlingo for Android was released this week for Android smart-phones running Android 2.0 and above.  For years,  Vlingo has had a strong presence on the Blackberry and iPhone, but this was the first time they launched a product on Android.   They did not disappoint.

Many mobile platforms, including Android, have voice commands baked in, but Vlingo takes it up a notch.  The app gives users the capability to launch apps, update their Twitter status, and send e-mail and text messages using just a voice.   Vlingo will also dial your contacts, searches Google Maps, and searches Google or Yahoo. It also includes four widgets and a Vlingo keyboard (which is very responsive I might add). Honestly, the app has it all!

As someone who spends quite a bit of time driving, this app was a must have.  Not only does it feature voice commands, but it has the capability to read you text messages and e-mails through a feature known as SafeReader.  I can’t tell you how great it was to hear Vlingo read back an e-mail while I was driving.  It was very accurate and only made a few minor mistakes.

While the app is full of features and SafeReader was great, it is also very good when it comes to voice commands.  While it may take a few tries for the app to get used to your voice, it ends up being spot on.  In my few days using the app I encountered very few mistakes when I spoke clearly.  Overall, this app was much better and more full-featured than the Android voice command app. It was great.

All in all, I would recommend anyone who drives a lot to purchase  this.  It will be very helpful.  The only downside is the price, which is $9.99.  This is a bit steep, but for some (like me) it might be totally worth it.

Good job Vlingo!

  • Scott

    I am interested in vlingo does it support using a bluetooth car kit or headset or do you have to use the handsets mic? I would be using it on an htc evo?

  • The biggest problem with apps like this, is that Google will update their voice recognition feature more and more with time, and will never charge $9.99 to use it.

    Nice idea, but Google get hold of so much more data on voice recognition that there's no way they won't outdo this soon.

  • Gregg

    I've heard mention that it uses IBM's speech recognition and text to speech engine. But I don't think that runs on Android, so I'm guessing the recognition and text to speech are done on a server and the audio pushed back to the phone.

    What was the delay like in pushing the button to do the recognition, and to return the information? Also, is it totally hands free, or do you have to push a button every time you want to speak a command?

  • Money

    Why can't I find this in the Market?

    • Darrin

      It will not show up in the market unless your phone is running Android 2.1 or newer. It did not show up on my phone's market (G1) until I updated my ROM with Cyanogenmod's new 5.07 (Android 2.1).

  • great post!! thank you for info :p

  • s. robison

    Vlingo is very impressive, One major issue is that, although I can talk to Vlingo thru my H17 bluetooth, it answers back thru my Droid2 speakers. This is when it is running Incar mode, Even the Droid’s voice command software talks back thru my H17. Kinda makes Vlingo useless in my truck. Where can I get help with this?

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