DMCA Notice Wipes 35 Tetris Clones Off Android Market

A cease and desist order sent to Google on behalf of The Tetris Company LLC has resulted in 35 Tetris clones being pulled from the Android Market.  The developer behind FallingBlocks was among the first to feel the fallout as they took to Slashdot to air their complaint.

“… I have received an email warning that my game was suspended from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy… I emailed Google asking what is the reason for the application removal. Google promptly answered that The Tetris Company, LLC notified them under DMCA to remove various Tetris clones from Android Market. My app was removed together with other 35 Tetris clones…”

The full notice can be found below.  Using the name “Tetris” in your game title is probably not the wisest thing to do but still… We’ve played plenty of games over the years on a multitude of platforms that could/should be yanked for infringement.

Thanks to Andrew Huff for the tip!

  • eitan

    how do you like your free world?

  • Jeremy

    They should ping Google back with this little blurb (found on Wikipedia): "U.S. Copyright Office state that copyright does not apply to the rules of a game". They'd still have to rename them though, for trademark reasons.

  • Joe

    Isn't "Tetris" Russian for 4?

    • Mats

      No, it would be четыре (roughly: chetyre)

  • yoyoz

    i am in the list, so google has removed my game,
    Do you know if i fear a lawsuit ?