EVO’s Qik Video Chat to Cost an Extra $5 a Month… Seriously?


According to a source of ours inside Sprint, the EVO 4G’s $10 premium cost doesn’t seem to cover the Qik video chat capabilities, as previously thought. As you can see in the screenshot below, the service will be cost a $4.99 premium, payable via PayPal. This shot comes straight from training materials that Sprint will be handing out to its employees tomorrow.

The fact that payment is made via PayPal leads us to believe that the extra fee is not being charged by Sprint, but rather by Qik, themselves. We hope to have more details on the matter as soon as they roll in. In the meantime, if this news is bumming you out, you might want to check out Fring.

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  1. All the carriers are tacking on these little fees here and there pushing the cost to own one of these phones way beyond what people are currently paying for the iPhone. I pay about $70/mo for my iPhone plan (includes data). They are going to kill Android.

  2. Sprint is gonna try to make back all the money they have lost giving their services away on the evo.
    Sounds like a sound plan Hesse!

  3. In the UK we've had video calling for years already on various Nokia, Sony Ericcson and Samsung phones(NOBODY uses it by the way). The mobile networks tend to charge for talk minutes, texts, data, and then if you make video calls, you get additional charges for 'video minutes' used. Seems to be a fair approach to me rather than $10 extra a month for something you will probably never use.

  4. This seems like something that could easily push people on the fence between the EVO and the Incredible towards the Incredible. Sprint HAD good prices, but now it's worth it to get better service from Verizon.

  5. Nothing like nickel and dimeing people to death to run off potential new customers. I was seriously considering switching carrier for this phone but now I'm reconsidering.

  6. I think the problem may be in the android application development. The enterprise requires so many hands in the pie that it is hard to track exactly where our money is going. Not to mention the time it takes to get upgrades. I understand that they would rather take the time to put out a decent upgrade rather than put out buggy stuff, but just be honest with us about when we can expect them instead of stringing it along.
    Carly S.

  7. It is ridiculous how people who call themselves professionals in the iphone application development area can let these kinds of things happen. Paying 10 extra dollars for something that is basically non existent is not a good way to make your customers happy. That’s the way I feel at least.

  8. I have been worried about app developers charging extra for some time now and with Qik’s popularity I feel they are setting a really really bad example. I am not looking forward to what the future holds if other developers are to follow suit. Scared out o my mind.

    Emery T. || Blogger || http://www.northamerican.com/

  9. Ha! I have heard some similar rumors floating around at rapid prototyping and people are gossiping away. Either way, this is a bit frustrating as
    you would think you would be able to use Qik with the expenditure of
    those extra dollars. Bum deal.

    • Wow! this amazes me that one of the most important features on the phone is going to be premium paid for feature. It won’t be long before another app with similar capabilities comes out especially with new programs such as appcelerator. We used titanium to build our employee scheduling software and it worked great.