Exclusive: Samsung i897 in the Wild (AT&T)

As we reported here earlier this week, the Samsung i897 looks to be AT&T’s first serious attempt at releasing an Android phone. In terms of specs, it appears to be almost identical to the Galaxy S with its 4-inch AMOLED screen, Android 2.1, and 5-megapixel camera. Our source for a few hardware details just dropped a handful of pictures on our lap showing the future AT&T device looking ready for prime time.

We’re told this phone also features a Snapdragon processor, however we cannot confirm the speed yet. We’re assuming it’s clocked at 1GHz, but you know how assumptions sometimes end up. Although the phone resembles the Galaxy S on the inside, you’ll notice it has a slightly different form factor.

It appears that AT&T may leave this phone alone and launch it with the full Google experience.   Here’s what our source had to say:

I also noticed that there is the default Google search widget on the main page of the handset.  Not sure if this is a big deal but I remember reading that the Backflip used Yahoo search instead of Google. Of course this is a developer handset  so they still might go with yahoo in the end.

We’ll continue to bring you anything else we can get our hands on should more details pop up.

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  • androidfan

    Finally a high end android device coming to AT&T ! I like the design of this better than the galaxy s too, I was never a fan of that big button on the front of the galaxy s.

    Any word if this has a front camera?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/reneeswifts reneeswifts

      Somehow I don't feel any excitement about a good android phone landing on AT&T. I hope the Moto Shadow will be on other carrier.http://j.mp/motorola-shadow-impressions

  • 4004

    Why the hell won’t they deliver it to Europe? I hate galaxy’s design

    • Michö

      oama schwoaza kota!

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/drsilverworm drsilverworm

    By AMOLED, do you mean Super AMOLED? Because that's sort of important.

  • Diego!

    This design is way better than Galaxy S!

    But, doesn’t this design look kind of Blackberrish? Despite the fact it kinda does, I love it!

    I hope (please please Samsung!!!) it comes with a dual led flash for the 5MP camera.

    • Drunkey Monkey

      I complete agree…kinda looks like a blackberry storm in the picture where you see the device's 3.5 mm jack and mini usb port.

  • http://chocoberry.pe.kr chocoberry

    Hmm? Why it's in Korean, while being an AT&T phone?
    Anyway it does look a bit different to Galaxy S.

    • guest

      Because you can select language features.

  • Kevin

    Will this be coming out the next month or two? What is your best guess on this? Think it will be announced at WWDC?

  • Lon

    Why would it have a Snapdragon processor instead of their own Hummingbird as in the Galaxy? And it would be nice to confirm "Super" AMOLED screen.

  • JJ007

    I hope it has the hummingbird processor. Why would they put snapdragon in one of their high end devices?

  • ObsceneJesster

    How is this phone the same as the Galaxy S? If it has a Snapdragon processor then it's nowhere near as fast as the Galaxy S which carries a Hummingbird Chipset.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/reneeswifts reneeswifts

    Somehow I don't feel any excitement about a good android phone landing on AT&T. I hope the Moto Shadow will be on other carrier .http://j.mp/motorola-shadow-impressions

  • Eric

    im work for an AT&T Dealer.. Just received confirmation on this device this morning from higher up in AT&T.. July 18th Release Date.

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  • http://koowie.com Peter Shen

    I haven’t heard too much about this since it was release. Anyone know how is the phone?
    Peter, Founder Koowie.com

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