Exploded Andy T-shirts or Poster

Looking to add another Android-related t-shirt to your complete collection from Android Swag?  You’ll want to check out what graphic artist Garry Booth has created.  He has a designed a shirt that gives a beautiful exploded view of our beloved Andy the robot.

You can get it on a 100-percent cotton American Apparel T-shirts, printed with soft-hand ink cost only $19.00 (+$6 shipping). Customers can pay with Google Checkout (U.S. Only) or PayPal (International).  There is also a poster version, 18 inches x 24 inches, hand-pulled screenprint on 80lb. Wausau Astrobright Eclipse Black. Rolled and shipped in crush-resistant tubes for $19.00 (+$8 shipping).

What a great gift this would make for that person who has everything!  Oh, I have a birthday coming up, too.  (Hint, hint)

  • wow i like to have one, im from the Philippines

  • Rene

    What a time for the Euro to take a dive or I would have bought the entire stock!

    Really cool graphics btw!

  • Luckily the USD is still weak compared to the SEK, just ordered a t-shirt 🙂

  • great post!! thank you for info :p

  • Very interesting to read. I enjoyed well while reading. I will recommend my friends to read this one for sure.