Facebook Releases SDK for Android

Has ex-Googler Erick Tseng already started making an impact with his new employer?  Facebook has unleashed a beta version of their Facebook SDK for Android which was privately demonstrated at last week’s Google I/O conference.  The company plans to provide not only the SDK but also example code and open source tools to help integrate Facebook  into Android applications. 

This comes not a moment to soon for the social networking giant.  Android is growing at a ridiculous rate and the sooner they can find a way better to fit within apps, the better.  If you’re an Android developer looking to mesh Facebook into your app, download the Facebook SDK for Android from GitHub.

  • Does anyone actually care about Facebook integration? I mean, isn't that the worst part of facebook, having to sift through all the crap about games and such?

    • TareX

      You clearly are one of those complainers who either doesn't know anything about the "Hide" option, or just loves to complain. HINT: If you see an application you don't like in your "Recent" stream, hover your mouse over it and a "Hide" button will appear. Click on it and HIDE THE F*CKING APPLICATION.

      I have about 50-something hidden applications and am loving how my facebook only has the good stuff 🙂

      • I'd like to hide your comment. 😀

        You're hiding 50-something applications? I think you made my point.

  • Mr. Nelson

    I like the Idea. Apples facebook app is a ton better than androids app. The sooner the better

  • …and because Facebook's Android app sucks horribly! It's time for it to not just equal the iPhone's feature-set, but to get even better.

  • TareX

    Here's to hoping to see a better FB widget. I want to be able to see links, photos, new friends… and not just status updates. With flash, I'm supposed to be able to play that video by clicking it straight on my homescreen. HINT: If this widget doesn't recognize my hidden applications, it's useless.

  • Android will allow developers to integrate Face book into their own applications with some simple code additions to their applications. Day by day It is rapidly growing.