And Here Come the Droid 2 Leaks

Verizon and Motorola are gearing up for a hot summer with a pair of devices due shortly.  The first ‘known’ device is the Droid Shadow which has seen its share of leaks recently. The other… well that would be the follow up to the Droid, silly!

Engadget has posted what appears to be the first glimpse of a Droid 2 keyboard thanks to one of their friendly readers.  With an identical font to the original Droid, we see no reason in saying otherwise.  As pointed out by Engadget, the buttons do appear to have a slightly raised look without looking chubby.  Hopefully this helps make texting and emailing a tad bit more enjoyable.

Meanwhile over at DroidLife, the Droid 2 makes its first appearance in the Verizon inventory system.  Typically whenever these types of things happen, the phone is announced shortly after.  Cross your fingers folks!

  • geeber

    Motorola will release these phones right after Memorial Day. Why? They have a lot of momentum built up now. It will be hard to regenerate it four weeks from now. The public has a short attention span. And they need to flood the market with powerful new phones to take the light away from Apple's upcoming announcement.

  • hhh

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  • Brain

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