More Flash Based Game Topping for Your Froyo

Kongregate, a web site featuring tons of Flash-based indie games that are free to play is joining the Froyo goodness with a new mobile site. It should be a good way for those of you who are enjoying your 2.2 Android update to waste some time. is officially launched and ready to go with 100 games accessible to your Flash-enabled Android device.  (Is there an app for that on the iPhone, Steve?)

Kongregate, who teamed up with Adobe during the completion of the beta phase of Flash 10.1, is considered a valuable partner in pushing Flash 10.1 forward.

“Kongregate is a key contender in web-based gaming and a valuable partner in helping us demonstrate the capabilities of next-generation Flash technology for devices,” said Ricky Liversidge, vice president, Product Marketing, Flash Platform at Adobe. “Kongregate has been critical to delivering rich and compelling Flash-based game experiences for the rapidly expanding mobile games market.”

With Froyo being dropped (whether officially or not), we are going to see an explosion of sites geared towards mobile Flash gaming, as it opens up a huge door of ad revenue for site owners.  Check it out with your Nexus One and leave comments on how it runs!

  • The following sentence almost made my brain explode:

    "It should a a good ay for those of you who are enjoying your 2.2 Android update can to waste some time."

    Any proofreaders at home/office?

    That being said, it's great to get as much flash games on our Android devices, or at least ones that are made specifically for mobile phones. I am just waiting for slick Adobe Air applications to hit the Android Market.

    • Whoops! My bad. Next time, no proofreading with a beer in hand.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, not Chuck's fault since I was the author, sometimes these posts get past my eyes when I am cranking. My bad and thanks for your readership.

  • With thousands of free games Kongregate has long been my favourite games site, it's so awesome they've come to mobile now too.

  • James

    "ready to go with 100 games accessible to your Flash-enabled Android device. (Is there an app for that on the iPhone, Steve?)"

    You are kidding right? There are thousands of free games on the iPhone. And many (most?) don't require an internet connection to play. Free games are hardly a good reason to put up with a radical slowdown of your browser and endless flashing advertisements.

    Does the new Flash on android allow blocking of ads?

  • jrm


    You might have a point if you knew what you were talking about.

    #1 – flash 10.1 is still in beta and doesn't yet use hardware acceleration. It will get faster but runs pretty damn good right now. It is FAR better to have the option to run Flash then to have no choice at all.
    #2 – plugins for the Android browser can be set to "Always on" "On demand" and "Off" under settings. "On demand" allows you to only see the flash elements that you're interested in. e.g. videos, games. So no "endless flashing advertisements" if you don't want to see them and no "radical slowdown" even if that is a gross mis-characterization.

    Loading sites with Flash 10.1 on a froyo'd Nexus One is a revelation. Turns out, it is nice to REALLY have the entire web on your mobile device.

  • All of this only matters if Robot Unicorn Attack is one of the playable games.

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