Exclusive: EVO 4G Accessory Prices and Availability (Updated with Pics)

We’ve known for a while that the EVO would come to market with plenty of accessories. What we didn’t know was how much the ones we actually cared about would cost. Thanks to a friend over at Sprint, we now have a little more insight into some of the prices, and what will for sure be available come the June 4th launch date.

  • There will be a case, a body glove, and a pouch available at launch
  • Car kit will come soon after launch for $59.99
  • Media dock, also coming shortly after launch, will include HDMI cable and be $39.99
  • Standalone HDMI cable will be available at launch for $29.99
  • Charging holster will also come shortly after launch, but price is still unknown

The charging holster may become a pretty hot item when it’s finally released, as the EVO isn’t getting such high marks in the battery usage category. The holster will allow the device to recharge as it sits comfortably at your waist-side.

Overall, it’s nice to finally see Sprint putting all of its resources behind a worthy Android phone. Hopefully for them, it pays off. If we hear any more availability or pricing information, we will be sure to update this post. Hopefully, we’ll be getting some screenshots to back up the above prices and availability, sometime tomorrow.

UPDATE: As promised, we’ve received pictures from our source showing the accessories and their prices. Check them out below…

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  1. Kenji O.
    May 28, 13:59 Reply

    I was just thinking of picking up an extra battery. Wonder how much they are.

  2. mauriceh
    May 28, 15:35 Reply

    So when will there be an EVO for AWS bands?
    We need this phone in an unlocked model, AWS band, for Wind Mobile and T-Mobile.
    Come on HTC, shows us the love!

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