Rumor Has It Samsung and T-Mobile Up to Something Big…

…And we think we already know what it is.  Remember back a few weeks ago when we thought we knew what T-Mobile’s Project Emerald was?  At the time we purported that it was related to the Samsung Galaxy S arriving on the carrier.  After doing some digging around and reading we learned that the project might actually be related to a Sidekick handset.  Well, a Samsung source is telling BGR today that they and T-Mobile are working on a major product launch for July.  Read on to see what we though, and still do, think is happening.

The handset will be the Samsung Galaxy S. However, this will not be an all-out exclusive deal. T-Mobile will be one of four carriers to provide the phone…With the droid Incredible and HTC EVO getting a great deal of attention these last few weeks, Big Magenta has fast-tracked this phone for release the first week of July.

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  1. @raww_talent
    May 28, 15:46 Reply

    Great these should be flowing plenty by time i replace the mt3g in August/September. Unless, something better gets announced that i will need to wait for.

  2. Marco
    May 28, 16:33 Reply

    I don't like Samsung phones (the Galaxys S has not even a flash are you kidding me) and I don't like their support (not existing). I hope that T-mobile gets a high end HTC phone soon. I don't like that t-mobile has only these mainstream mediocre android phones.

    • krazytrixxxsta
      June 07, 05:17 Reply

      it so annoying that tmo dont have any high end android phones, im really considering jumping ship. to make matter worse, i had a convo with a tmo rep and he told me that my original mytouch is not getting an upgrade and they not getting any high end phones anytime soon.

    • Brian
      September 15, 11:06 Reply

      Oh gosh, stop whining. I dont like this, I dont like that.

  3. Ratnok
    May 28, 16:49 Reply

    @Marco- T-Mobile already has a high end HTC phone. It's called the Nexus One.

  4. Marco
    May 28, 16:51 Reply

    @RATNOK I know I have one:-) It is not officially sold by T-mobile though (not yet I should say)

  5. mark
    May 28, 17:19 Reply

    the nexus one was suppose to be high-end but, from what i've read, has flopped. word is that no carriers are picking it up. google even closed but the nexus one store.

    • Marco
      May 28, 17:46 Reply

      It is high end and it will get the android updates first. Maybe a lot of people don't care but I am glad that I run Froyo already while incredible or Evo have to wait until HTC will release their sense compatible version in 6 months or so:-)

    • revray35
      May 29, 02:11 Reply

      Well, not exactly accurate, the N1 has done OK, not great. You can use it on any carrier that takes sims. Google did not close their online store as much as shift to a different sales model, by putting the phone in retail stores. The phone for the next month really is high end, but as soon as the Evo and Galaxy hit in force, it won't be.

    • mau
      June 08, 04:53 Reply

      Mines working fine, and running Froyo!

  6. Tim
    May 28, 17:39 Reply

    After the whole Samsung Behold II lack-of-update debacle, I'm not sure a Samsung Android phone is anything to be excited about anymore.

    • Marco
      May 28, 17:44 Reply

      Totally agree! I wait until I see how Samsung behaves with their new line of android phones…if they do this BS again….I will never buy a device from them.

  7. adam
    May 28, 18:22 Reply

    @mark google is still selling the nexus one fyi in europe u can buy the nexus one smart ass only usa want to not buy it so there making money regard less if usa want to suck at getting smart phone

    fyi there is store selling them in the usa in midwest,2817,2364207,00.a

  8. JustMeHere
    May 28, 22:26 Reply

    T Mobile USA just doesn't get it. Any former user who bought an Android phone is frustrated. The Behold will only run 1.6. The Moment runs a crippled 2.1. If T Mobile wants to offer Samsung Galaxy ALL USERS SHOULD STAY AWAY, IT WILL NOT RUN Gingerbread or anything else. Samsung has a history of NOT UPGRADING THEIR phones. Until Samsung proves the contrary with existing phones this would only be wasted money. If the product was HTC based, maybe it would have a good choice if it was Motorola, Maybe, but Samsung… they can keep it.

    • revray35
      May 29, 02:09 Reply

      -1 for cutting and pasting your post on multiple blogs, and for being mis-informed. You simply cannot say that Motorola is better at updating their phones, case in point in the Cliq, which still runs 1.5.

      The S will run gingerbread with no problems. Sounds to me like you own a behold, which if that is the case, I can certainly understand your frustration. The reality is that the Galaxy S is going to be a flagship device, it is going to get a lot of love as far as updates. The ONLY caveat is that the phone may be digitally signed which would not allow root access. But, if root is possible, then this phone is WIDE open. It is my next handset, and I cannot wait.

  9. ObsceneJesster
    May 29, 02:10 Reply

    @Marco….This phone is not mediocre. It is actually the most powerful Android device poised to release this year. GSM Arena states that it is on top of the Android food chain and it's raw power and Super AMOLED display make phones like the Nexus One look like outdated technology. They also say that once you use the new Samsung UI, you will never want to use anything else. Here is the review. .

  10. just some dude
    May 29, 03:31 Reply

    Samsung has some weird designs, they love to put those d-pads on there phones. They are not what i call ahead of the curb in terms of desing. So im not expecting anything big, probably just another teen phone.

  11. academic
    May 29, 05:05 Reply

    Galaxy S is a big deal, since it will be ubiquitous (many carriers), Samsung will most probably provide further updates.

  12. ObsceneJesster
    May 29, 16:56 Reply

    @Just Some Dude……Just another teen phone??? Why would the teens get the privileged of having the most powerful Android phone slated to be released this year. The 9 page GSM Arena review states that this phone sits on the top of the Android food chain and makes the Nexus One look like old technology. Maybe you should go read it so you will no what your talking about when making uneducated comments about Samsung.

  13. themetatron
    May 30, 11:27 Reply

    i won't touch a samsung phone, any samsung phone. hardware is trash and samsung software is the worst. not to mention the actual company itself. just google, "samsung corruption"

  14. micro sd card
    May 31, 07:56 Reply

    Unless they are giving away the unit, I do not see how it will be big enough to stop 70,000 subscribers in the quarter sheets for real Android hardware.

  15. Reputation Managers
    December 28, 01:28 Reply

    I don’t like Samsung phones and I don’t like their support too. I’m not sure a Samsung Android phone is anything to be excited about anymore.

  16. Senior Facility
    December 29, 06:12 Reply

    I wait until I see how Samsung behaves with their new line of android phones.

  17. BBM for Iphone
    July 22, 17:29 Reply

     I don’t know.. this is not a big thing for me. I am not a big fun of samsung… However, I can change my mind

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