Samsung to Upgrade Behold II to 1.6, Then Call it a Day

Beleaguered owners of Samsung’s Behold II have been up in arms lately as it has become clear that Samsung would not in fact be providing an upgrade to Android 2.0 or beyond, despite their previous promises. Tonight, word comes from Samsung of an update to the phone: from 1.5 to 1.6. I’d say this is a bittersweet moment for Behold II owners, but my guess is it’s much more bitter than sweet, as it’s been the better part of a year since 1.6 was state of the art.

Give Samsung some credit for making the announcement right amongst those most upset about the situation, in a thread on AndroidSPIN’s forums:

“To All:

“Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA are planning to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 which provides access to Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search capability and quick search box for Android.

“The update will also supply additional benefits including Swype, an improved Media Player, updated core Android applications and improved Bluetooth capabilities. However, the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6.”

There you have it: an upgrade to 1.6 to soften the blow of definitely not ever upgrading any further. 1.6 certainly an improvement over 1.5, and throwing in Swype and a few extras is nice and all, but I’ve got to think that ultimately this only fans the flames of folks who are already angry that Samsung’s promise of 2.0 has not been fulfilled. Making it worse, the idea that it’s not technically possible to upgrade the Behold II past 1.6 rings false.

Lending credence to the announcement’s authenticity, a link to the forum post was tweeted by an official Twitter accounts of Samsung.

We’d love to hear how Behold II owners are feeling about this development in the comments!

  • James

    Luckily Android is open so users will just be able to download the update from Google, right? Or has Google been promoting a different version "open" all along? I'm guessing I know which answer is correct.

  • JamesB

    @James: Fanboi alert! The Android OS IS open, it's Samsung's unreleased drivers that will keep anyone from making their own ROMs for 2.1 or 2.2.

    And it's Samsung's pathetic support that will keep anyone from buying their phones.

    • StevO

      My friend dumped his G1, for a behold 2 months ago. He can't do use chomp sms, or other cool android features. I told him your G1 is wayyyy better than the Behold 2 in the sense of customizations. However he seems content and he says his Behold 2 performs pretty well. He's not really worried about the update. Whenever he asks me how come he can't use Dxtop or something I just tell him samsung stripped it from customizations.

  • MikeH.

    Last Samsung I'll buy, which sucks because I like their products, I just hate liars!

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i stop [email protected]#king with samsung phones after the first behold. love their tv though.


    I will never buy a samsung again. As much as I love their phones, i feel betrayed. What a waste. Samsung, YOU SUCK!

  • Brain

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