“Whaddya Mean My Frozen Yogurt isn’t Official?”

That’s what Ry Guy and ben1010 from Google are saying anyways.  According to these Google employees, the 2.2 build of Android that Nexus One owners are sporting right now isn’t the official release from the search giant.

An article over at Slash Gear references information provided by the two Google employees on the Nexus One support forums,  reporting  that the build that Nexus One owners are manually upgrading to is not the official release. Though it was from Google, it was a test pre-release. The article does not state whether the official OTA release will be any different than the test build that’s floating around, but the Google employees do recommend waiting for the official release. On the other hand, they also say that those who manually update are not voiding their warranty and that they will still get the official release when it rolls out.

The OTA update of Froyo is supposed to drop in a few weeks, so it will be interesting to see if there is any difference in the build that is out now, and the one that rolls out via carriers in the future.

Thanks to John Burda for the tip!

  • Sean

    I realized it wasn't the official release when some of my paid apps, the copy protected ones, were not showing up in the market.

    • From what I hear thats not why they're not showing up. Apparently all apps will now be copy-protected. Dev's apparently need to update their apps to disclude the old copy-protection.

      I could definitely be wrong though, this is only what I heard. Would be interesting if it were true.

      • Reuben Harris

        Pretty sure it's why they don't show up. The N1 Froyo ROM we're all using is not official, and the SDK's article on market filters (http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/market-filters.html) states "Market will not show copy-protected applications on developer devices or unreleased devices."

      • Nah, it's a common thing for a pre-release ROM to not have access to paid/copy-protected apps in the Market. I remember it happened back when the Sprint Hero came out, and review units couldn't get at paid apps. Once it's recognized, fully released firmware it'll see them.

        I think what you're referring to is froyo's apps2sd implementation. Any apps stored on the SD card will be encrypted so you can't just slide the sd into a different phone and copy over all the apps there. And devs will have to update their apps to enable sd card installation. But not related to the current copy protection, which I believe stays as is. (I could be wrong as well, too, tho…)

  • dubyaJaySmith

    I figured too. I got tired of checking my settings>upgrade>"your system is up-to-date". Well thats not what XDA says 😉 Google knew the die hards that bought the N1 were waiting/salivating during I/O 10'. They weren't completely ready, but we were and they did the right thing in my eyes. Drop the link for a sec. and someone else can spread it. I'll be looking for differences myself. BTW I could tell during the boot screen, animated X, when the new Jit- compiler kicked in and sent that animation into over drive. Just in time says it all

  • JustMeHere

    The best is yet to come. I case Apple has an ace up its sleeve Google is smart in holding off until Apple makes its show. Then we shall see what really is in the pipes for Android or not.

    • dubyaJaySmith

      Very good point. Apple's isn't far off. Wonder if it will be live on Youtube. Just kidding, if there's a camera in the room they have it on iTunes with a pricce tag. On a side note, just got reminded, i love that my track ball glows red when sipDroid can't register.


    Thats kinda BS. I gave them the heads up on this story and they decided to take the credit. I doubt I will be using this site anymore. I in all good faith gave this story to them and another webpage, and they jipped me

    • SPAZOID*^

      Guess they had a change of heart!

  • bye

    Agreed 'spaz', this site is just not cutting it for me and I am not going to use it any-more!

  • Ed Burnette

    I am glad I applied the update because it is working well and I can use it to update my book. It is absolutely essential for devs and authors to get early binary builds before the general public. But I hope there will be an easy way to update again when the final version is available.

  • mauriceh

    More like Google is learning:

    Now they are waiting to see what new features or feature changes are unacceptable to the telcos.

    They too have learned they must ow before the brazen gods of the cell phone providers.
    That whole thing about "Nexus one is not selling well enough so we are not going to sell it any more" is pure horsecrap.
    If they wanted to sell a ton of phones they needed to:
    1) Make the delivered price point below $400
    2) Sell it through mass market stores. Best Buy, Walmart, etc.

    The telcos made it really clear that they are NOT going to play nice if Google does this.

    How powerful are those providers?
    Google has the cojones to face down China, but NOT to face down the providers!

  • michael

    I love my froyo.
    What’s that?
    You’ve got a better flavor of froyo coming “real soon now”?
    That’s cool! I can’t wait.

    No, sorry, you can’t have this one back.
    You can’t make me go back to eclair. You can’t!
    I’m keeping my leaked froyo, and not letting go until I get a good look at this “even better” froyo flavor you’re talking about.

    Now where’s that unbaked gingerbread dough I wonder…

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  • jaafar

    i love my worck :par manger of lebanon (par of italyano)