Walmart Drops Pre-Order Price of myTouch 3G Slide to $129.99

Walmart, which was offering the myTouch Slide on pre-order for $199.99, has now dropped the price! The company has reduced the price down to $129.99 for new activations with a 2 year contract. For existing T-Mobile users that are upgrading, Walmart is offering the Slide for $139.99 with an eligible 2 year extension. Want to buy the phone outright? That will cost you $499.99.

Overall, this phone might not be a beast like the Evo, but it is definitely very slick.  My wife seems to like it.  Anyone buying this?

Source: TmoNews

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  1. Spencer
    May 29, 23:05 Reply

    Is that cheaper than it is on contract from T-mobile?

  2. plainbrad
    May 30, 01:05 Reply

    I would hate to give Wal*Mart my money. And I asked the local TMO guys to hold one for me. But that price is better.

    I am getting one and excited about it. Taking the day off of work to play with it.

  3. Brian
    May 30, 17:37 Reply

    $499 off contract?? Might as well buy a Nexus One instead! It's faster, offers 2.2 right away, and will always get the upgrades faster than any other phone.

  4. @benmarvinlive
    May 30, 23:02 Reply

    I ordered one. Scored it for $139 even though I wasn't even eligible for an upgrade with TMO. Seems like the best phone for me right now, gotta get rid of the Cliq. But hoping for the HTC Vision to come to TMO this year and I'll upgrade again.

  5. micro sd card
    May 31, 07:46 Reply

    Cool! That is what I thought the price drop myTouch should have been in first place. I am still getting the project Twist Esmeralda HTC devices but still very cool.

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