EXCLUSIVE: First Look at HTC Aria?

One of tipsters just passed along a few screen shots for an HTC device headed for AT&T.  They have been pretty solid in the past so we’re inclined to believe them this time around.  Here’s what they knows about the device from their brief experience with it.  The phone runs Android 2.1 with HTC Sense UI, has a 5 megapixel camera, and is “the smallest Android device” they have seen yet.  Our source took a handful of pictures of the phone next to a business card for size comparison.  We’re thinking this device has a 2.5-inch or 2.8-inch screen similar to the HTC Wildfire or HTC Tattoo.

In terms of ports, there’s nothing remarkable to speak of.  There’s a microUSB port on the bottom and 3.5mm headphone jack on the top.  We can make out an optical joystick at the bottom which HTC has favored on many of their 2010 handsets.  If we were to wager a guess, we think we’re looking at the HTC Aria.  It’s being rumored that AT&T is slated to announce this phone next week, on the same day Steve Jobs gets on stage to talk fourth generation iPhones.

Naturally, we’ll bring you more details if and when we get them!

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  1. John
    June 01, 01:08 Reply

    looks like another phone….wow who cares…. Bet it runs android 1.5 lol

  2. androidfan
    June 01, 01:14 Reply

    It says in the article it's running 2.1

    I agree though, nothing too special about this handset I don't think. But it's still interesting to see what type of new android devices are coming out down the road, even if they arent always the most kick ass android devices :)

  3. Jared
    June 01, 01:53 Reply

    Ugh, please let this not be the new phone. I want a screen I can read and browse on! All these small screen devices have crappy processors too… where is our AT&T 1Ghz Snapdragon phone? :-(

    • MyName
      June 01, 19:24 Reply

      How about the Nexus One? That has an AT&T version.

    • who dat
      June 01, 03:13 Reply

      ATT will not go against Jobs, if this is it, they will lose a good many customers that want a tru android device.

      • androidfan
        June 01, 03:31 Reply

        I agree, this device doesn't look that interesting. However, the i897 and the x10 are two android devices I would purchase, as long as AT&T doesn't "cripple" them too much like they did with the backflip.

        • @street_peddler
          June 01, 05:33 Reply

          i wouldnt even expect i897 or x10 to ever come to att. at the rate things are goin att will only offer the iphone by end of next year. move to canada or europe if you want any phone rumored to come to att

  4. @street_peddler
    June 01, 05:27 Reply

    wow, i cant believe htc made that. if this is what at&t is bringing…something that looks worse than the backflop…verizon is looking really good now

  5. shaneaus
    June 01, 07:21 Reply

    WTF – ATT won't ever release a decent ANDROID PHONE! They only release $h!T!!! The BackFlop, the Arid, and now a device so small one would need a magnifying glass to read the dam thing!!

    Oh, then we have the other side of the spectrum – the Dell Streak – So, big I might as well purchase a freeaking tablet!

    I am so sick of ATT's crap! I wish I wasn't stuck in a family plan with a (currently) $360.00 fee to get out of our contract!

  6. deden
    June 11, 06:30 Reply

    great post… thaks for share

  7. hendro
    June 12, 03:53 Reply

    another new stuffs we should have 8)

  8. cygnusx1
    August 03, 01:00 Reply

    looks like my phone by the way. the lg ks20…

  9. Bijaya
    February 21, 11:58 Reply

    Thanks for this excellent info.Expect more soon.

  10. Butter Crunch Dumplings
    February 21, 15:09 Reply

    I really do not like ATT’s service. There are a lot more companies out there with better phones & better service. Maybe when they come out with a decent phone & better service, I will consider using them. Until then, no thanks!

  11. sanjeev
    April 06, 15:09 Reply

    i Loved Thunderbolt then …Aria..
    i love HTC and its huge screemmmmmmmm

  12. sanjeev
    April 06, 15:09 Reply

    i Loved Thunderbolt then …Aria..
    i love HTC and its huge screemmmmmmmm

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