Verizon’s HTC Incredible Finally Gets Rooted (UPDATE: Or Not)

With all the spotlight on Sprint‘s EVO 4G, it seemed like efforts to root Verizon‘s Incredible were but a distant memory. Says’s Jake Day and Boostdscoob… fear not, “we have root!”

At around 10:15 PM UTC, the duo posted a screenshot of what they claim to be a rooted HTC Incredible. No details were released on how they obtained root access, but few are calling this out as a prank. This particular phone has taken quite some time for the dev community to root, but as we’ve seen in the past, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Jake Day says that a download with instructions will be posted soon.

Congrats guys!

UPDATE: Perhaps the fact that today is Memorial Day has made me a bit overly congratulative (is that even a word?). According to a post by boostdscoob himself over on XDA, the root is a load of crock. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Ok, heres the deal people..
I had absolutely nothing to do with this, so me being mentioned is sign #1 this isnt Jake. Jake wouldnt give me credit for something i had nothing to do with, and i dont have my incredible yet, so again clue #1

second, Jake does not come to XDA anymore..
look at his post count.

also, the original post on alldroid, is by Jake Day.
Jake is Jake’s screen name.

The picture is fake, i can guarantee you that.
the poster is not Jake. if you dont believe me, contact him, or me directly.
this person/people have gone to a great length to try to embarass a proven developer. he has all but lost interest in the android community as a result of this.

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