Acer Liquid e Ferrari: “World’s Most Exclusive Smartphone”


Acer has announced the availability of a limited edition version of their Liquid e handset.  Called the Liquid Ferrari, it’s a glossy, sexed up looking Liquid e with a few special features added in. With a shiny Ferrari F1 red  finish, the smart phone includes exclusive content, including videos, wallpapers, and specific ringtones that “allows you to personalize your phone with the inimitable sweet music of the Ferrari engine.”  Other subtle tweaks such as designing the microphone to look like an air intake inlet ensure the handset stands out in a crowd and provides a “stronger sense of belonging to all Ferrari fans“.

Much like the original Liquid e, the Ferrari edition offers Android 2.1, a 3.5-inch touch display, 5 megapixel camera, and a 768MHz Snapdragon processor.  No word on pricing or availability as of yet but we’re thinking it will be way out of our price range!


  1. "No word on pricing or availability as of yet but we're thinking it will be way out of our price range!"

    I doubt it will be *that* expensive. An Acer Ferrari netbook is only ~$599 (

    Not to be a negative Nancy, but I feel like they wasted front panel space that could have been used to make a bigger display (granted they conform to a popular resolution). See above and below the actual display? Empty space and an "Acer" logo. Weak.

  2. I used this phone for about 2 month…..overall this phone is quite good despite of negative comment thrown by reviewer…this phone is capable of playing HD 3d games(eg alsphalt 5 hd)….without any problem…easy to use…n no lag…the calling quality is superb…….even the bluetooth handsfree works well even in the noisy surrounding..the camera is brilliant..the colour n contrast perfectly match..but no flashlight( that mean this phone camera very depends on sunlight to work properly)…the battery performance is on average…the screen is one of the best(very sensitive) what I dislikes about this phone are…there are no flashlight, quite thick compare to Iphone4, the material(should be anti-scratch) but the built quality is quite good…overall 4 star/5 star

  3. just seen this being launched in my country KENYA tday early in the morning newspaper,the DAILY NATION…they dont give out the price neither…I wonder why.