Motorola Updates Android 2.1 Timeline, Very Little Change

Motorola‘s Owners’ Forum has posted a revised timeline for their Android-based handsets waiting for the coveted Android 2.1 update.  Not much has changed since the last time we checked in.  In fact, the Droid and Milestone are the only phones that differ – the Droid is all done with getting 2.1 while the Milestone (Canada) is in the midst of a rollout.  Everything else is still on pace for previously announced timelines.  We spoke with a member of the MOTODEV team at Google I/O and reminded them that the Q2 window is drawing ever closer to and end.  We we assured that the Cliq and Cliq XT were still going to come in on time.

  • xMotorolaCliqueGuy

    its totally messed up. i so loved my clique, but it took forever for those guys to roll out the 2.1 update. I gave up and just bought a nexus one and sold my clique on ebay. motorola kinda sucks like that.

  • Anxiously awaiting my cliq xt 2.1 update.

  • Sha0ggy

    As am I anxiously awaiting my cliq xt 2.1 upgrade… and ROOT would be nice as well!

  • rev2redlineguy

    I'm about ready to give up on this Cliq. It's slow, buggy, and I'm already on my 3rd replacement and this one is acting up too. I'm really looking at the myTouch 3G slide or even a Nexus One. If TMO sells the N1 it's mine! Bye Bye Moto…it hasn't been fun…really!

  • Canuck

    So glad I paid full price for a Nexus One (now running Froyo), rather than getting one of the discounted Android 1.x phones from Rogers. It must be incredibly frustrating when even 2.1 is a far-away upgrade!