Get Your EVO Early – RadioShack to Open Select Stores at 6AM

Look, we get it.  You really want a new HTC EVO 4G.  So bad actually, that you might be considering taking the day off of work.  Radio Shack doesn’t want the world to grind to a halt when everyone calls off so they’re going on the offensive.  This Friday, RadioShack will be opening more than 1,600 of their stores up early, some at 6:00AM.

Swing by your local ‘The SHACK’ on your way to work so you can show it off at the water cooler! There’s an incentive in it for you should you decide to get out of bed before the sun – All pre-order customers who arrive early will also receive an immediate 15% accessory discount in addition to their existing $20 accessory credit. Oh, you didn’t pre-order your EVO 4G? That’s okay because they set aside a bunch for people just like you.

Pre-order purchasers are advised to call their local RadioShack to see whether they will be open early this Friday.

  • lovetotext

    Oh my! i have a radio shack store like one block away from where I live =)

  • Mini Me

    Man! I thought I was the only salivating freak! apparently NoT!!! I hope I beat you to the store!

  • Hitter

    They called me to schedule an appointment for 6AM…. I'll be there.. I just hope it's not really crazy..

  • Tito Loco

    oh wow their going to open @ 6 am i'll be there @ 4 am!!!

  • nice post. thakns for sharing. i like it :p