GameLoft Changes DRM Policy on HD Android Games

Last week, many of you may have read of GameLoft’s outrageous DRM policy regarding HD Android games sold through their site.  Fortunately, due to many complaints and the negative response from the Android community, GameLoft has changed their stance.  They listened to the concerns of many of their potential customers and have taken significant action. For starters, they’ve completely reversed their stance on re-downloading games that aren’t in the Android market.  We don’t details and specifics yet about how many downloads you are allowed, but when we do we will certainly let you know.

Overall, I think it’s great that GameLoft changed their stance.  It really shows that they care about their customers. Good job GameLoft!

So, what are your thoughts? Will you buy a GameLoft game for your Android handset?

Source: GameLoft and Phandroid

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  1. uio
    June 03, 00:58 Reply

    I w ant to buy the 3D golf game but they don't make it for HTC incredible yet apparently.

  2. Jamie
    June 03, 01:51 Reply

    No. I won't be buying GameLoft games because they DO NOT care about their customers. If they did then they wouldn't have done any of this in the first place or event be using any DRM crap at all. The only reason they have changed their policy is because the negativity was affecting their profits. It's all about the money.

    Maybe if they release it into the Android Market I will have a better view of them. Until then. Die in hell GameLoft.

  3. Tenkely
    June 03, 03:12 Reply

    Until these games are available from the ANDROID MARKET, I will not be buying them. I am not doing this 3rd party app store custom DRM nonsense.

  4. Ferreus
    June 03, 04:39 Reply

    First they throw lame j2me ported games to us, then they don't believe in android,
    then they don't believe in android market, now drm.
    For me, it's too many mistakes for one company. I'm not going to buy their games in the future.

  5. Joerg Michael
    June 03, 09:12 Reply

    Simply the fact that they tried this crap tells me that they DO NOT care one bit about their customers. It's not exactly news that DRM is bad for the paying customer and doesn't solve the piracy problem.

  6. David Castellani
    June 03, 12:59 Reply

    I tried to go to their site to buy a game, but their FAQ still says you only get ONE download, and you still have to buy the game again if you want it on a different device/etc.

    Also, it only lets me select Verizon as my carrier in the US. WTF

    I dont think ill be buying a game from them until it hits the Android Market.

  7. khay
    July 13, 05:56 Reply

    nice post. thakns for sharing. i like it :p

  8. thomas
    September 20, 14:30 Reply

    i have an android lg optimus its not hd i wish it could be hd and normal qauality

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