December 22, 2014

First Look at Sprint Ad Campaign for EVO [VIDEO]

Sprint’s first commercial for the EVO 4G has made its way online but it doesn’t do much to sell people on Android or the phone… yet.  Consider it more of a teaser or lead-up to an actual campaign.  We barely get a glimpse of the phone and then it ends!  We get the sense that Sprint is going to tout the capabilities of 4G and perhaps specific Android apps down the road.  Guess we’ll wait and see!

  • ranggaw0636

    It's look like a nice ad for me

  • C Campbell

    Light Bulb before the phone? Anachronism – Telephone 1876 – Light bulb – 1879. Bell Before Edison.

  • Mutia

    nice one.. love it so much..

  • khay

    nice post. thakns for sharing. i like it :p

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