Walmart to Offer Sprint EVO 4G for $199 Without Mail-In Rebate


It appears Walmart is officially joining the EVO 4G party.  That’s right, Walmart, no doubt wanting a share of the EVO sales has joined both Best Buy and Radio Shack in offering the EVO 4G for $199 even.  There is no mail-in rebate required. I am betting Radio Shack and Best Buy will be packed, so Walmart would be a good choice for anyone trying to avoid large crowds Friday morning.

So folks, are you buying the EVO 4G? What store will you pick it up at? I am definitely heading to Walmart and then taking the whole weekend off to play with my new phone.  Can’t wait!

Source: MobileCrunch


  1. RadioShack still has the best deal. $199 with no MIR, and you get $20 towards an accessory. PLUS they just sent out a $10 coupon in their email newsletter. AND they give you another $10 coupon if you take a survey, you just can't use the two $10 coupons at the same time. I already pre-ordered one for my wife since I already have a Nexus One, but a little part of me will be jealous of that big beautiful screen.

  2. All the best buys near me in central jersey are already taking pre orders for the second shipment of EVOs that would come 5 days after the first one. but all the radio shacks only have either one or two pre orders because not that many people know about it at radio shack, will walmart have it on opening day?

  3. I'll have to side with Walmart, because 50-60 people in a walmart electronics sections isn't nearly as bad as that many in a radio shack. Those stores will be a nightmare.