Dell Streak HDMI Dock Spied

We knew as far back as February that the Dell Streak would have an optional dock with HDMI.  Our first glimpse of the accessory came from a cameo in a Greek video and had us excited over the possibility of HDMI output from an Android phone. Of course, this was in the days before the EVO 4G and its built-in port.  Flashing forward a few months we can now get our first real look at the back of the dock and how the Streak fits when connected.

Are any of you guys considering picking one of these up next month when it goes on sale?  What is it about the phone that appeals to you?  Or maybe you are turned off by the device.  I’d love to hear your take on the Dell Streak in the comments below.

Source: Laptop Magazine via SlashGear

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  1. NorCal
    June 03, 19:57 Reply

    This thing is almost perfect for me but will probably be my next phone when it's released in the states. Still rocking my ATT Tilt (yes the original) that has WinMo and Android dual boot. Due to my banana hands I need either a physical keyboard or a big screen (4+ inches preferred). In some pictures it shows a side numerical keypad for the on-screen keyboard. What's nice too is the screen is so large that the keyboard doesn't hide everything on-screen. My money is ready Dell, hurry up with thing! Plus switch out the proprietary connector for a mini/micro USB one. I hate having to carry around a special cable just for one device. I'll probably buy the $500 unlocked one off of the Dell web page too since ATT will probably cripple or bloat it with useless software. Even using Android 1.6 is okay until it's updated to 2.2. Hopefully the custom skin won't delay that too much. One irk though there is no confirmation on the system memory. Some sources report 256 MB while others say it 465ish or more. But even with the proprietary connector and possible low system RAM this is still my current top contender for my next phone.

    • Fred Barnett Jr.
      June 04, 03:59 Reply

      Quite right Dell has hit a homerun. Saw couple variations on ram & rom. 256 ram, 500 rom. Have also
      seen 512k Ram listed. But with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, (assisted GPS), 3G, eReader apps avail, removable batt, Gorilla screen, HDMI out (On Base), 5mpxl autofocus camera, with dual LED flash & VGA front camera for vid. conf., killer screen with usable 720p, card reader slot, up to 32GB, exchangeable over & over. Also 1530mah lithium-ion POLUMER batt. And with about a $150 upgrade price, won't be to bad ! ? !

      • Mike
        June 04, 17:02 Reply

        what upgrade price? what do u get in the upgrade $150 price for streak

  2. jenifer
    June 04, 07:02 Reply

    Dell web page too since ATT will probably cripple or bloat it with useless software. Even using Android 1.6 is okay until it's updated to 2.2. Hopefully the custom skin won't delay that too much.
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  3. khay
    July 13, 05:45 Reply

    thanks for sharing. nice info :p

  4. James
    September 29, 12:26 Reply

    I bought my Dell Streak 10-Sep to replace my original Tilt. The Streak display is terrific with 6 virtual screen rooms “additional screens” and the Streak is kind of thin too. Lots of room for icons, widgets, apps, and videos. Switching between screens is as simple as sliding the desktops over – nice! Tons of really useful apps and lots of eye candy widgets that make this phone look great. 5M back facing camera with autofocus is good and quick and forward facing VGA camera nice. Need to find good Video phone app next. Finally, the thin Streak with the nice big screen does fit in my front pocket nicely and it actually looks cooler than having a phone hooked to your belt. Battery with everything twireless turned on lasts 10hrs which is enough to get me through the day.

  5. Xoom
    March 06, 09:26 Reply

    I must say, a new iPhone would be an impressive piece of technology..

    • Ben
      March 22, 11:28 Reply

      apple lovers everywhere, apple never invented the phone, laptop, personal computer, mp3 music on a phone or portable device or the tablet they copied another company in all those products plus more, read a book

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