EVO Gets “Toasted”; Root and Froyo ROM Released

The EVO isn’t even available at Sprint stores until tomorrow, but when Google decided to give around 5,000 of these bad boys away, they were basically telling developers to “get this bad boy rooted already.”

And so they did…

Over on XDA-Developers, toastcfh (also known as “Toast”), who is well know for his amazing work on the CDMA Hero, has posted the first publicly available root for the EVO 4G. Toast notes that the root could not have been possible without help from his fellow developers.

Major thanx for those who helped:
keishou (for the rooted build. without it none of this would be possible)
maejrep (for testing and modding a recovery for the EVO)
Flipz (for hosting the files)
Paul (for his recovery work on the desire and legend)
Amon_RA (for his recovery source on github)

If you choose to use the root, be aware that all of your data will be wiped (so back it up). Full instructions can be found in the {tutorial} how to root / thread on XDA. However, if you’d like someone to hold your hand through the process, check out AndroidCentral’s well laid out instructions on the process.

While the root itself only gives you the currently loaded Sense 2.1 with root access, Toast has also released a custom vanilla 2.2 ROM that he’s been playing with. Since the AOSP 2.2 ROM has still not been released by Google, this ROM is based on the 2.2 update that was rolled out to the Nexus One. It’s pretty far from being feature complete, but still nice to see up and running. Currently, the cameras, MMS, 4G, tethering, and sensors aren’t functional. Hopefully the devs out there will be able to cook up something amazing in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in trying it, you can visit the {ROM-DEV} FrOyO-EVO thread on XDA for more info.

Below are some pictures of the rooting process, along with some Froyo love. They were posted by pingpongboss over at XDA.

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