Mobile App Results Added to Google Search for Mobile

Google took their search for Mobile another step further today with the integration of app results for the Android and iPhone platforms.  Here’s how it works in a nutshell.  Let’s say you do a search of “download weatherbug‘ from your Android device.  Right near the top of your results will be a link that takes you directly to the application(s) in the Android Market. Click that and you’re off to download!

So far it seems to work best when you put the word ‘download’ in front of whatever app you might be looking for.  We tried this a few times with both popular as well as lesser-known apps and each worked well.  These new results are available for Google users in the United States with more countries (and devices) expected shortly.  If we might make a suggestion, we’d like to see the desktop version of Google Search yield QR codes for Android users.

  • It is just typing the app name is not enough. You must also add a download or app or something. So this is certainly less useful than it could be.

  • Yeah, iwant to see it too

  • wow,, i want to see it,, :p

  • thanks for sharing. nice info :p