Motorola Says “Follow This Thread” for Droid Froyo News

In my opinion, Motorola is doing a fantastic of letting people know what’s going on as it pertains to Android.  They have twice released a timeline that shows when each of their phones are expected to get updated to Android 2.1 “Eclair”.  As for how efficiently they are going about their releases, that’s a different story.  At least they are not standing back silently, keeping people in the dark.

The same can be said for their approach to the Droid and Android 2.2 “Froyo”.  Even though that handset just picked up Android 2.1 a few weeks back, users are already looking forward to their next delicious update.  Motorola has gone on the offensive, taking to the Owner’s Forum to keep people in the loop.

If you want to get an update when we have news about 2.2 for Droid by Motorola, just click on the “Recieve emal notifications” button on the right. This thread will be locked so you won’t get comments and speculation — there are plenty of threads for that already! When there is news, I will unlock the thread and post it so you will be notified.  – Matt (Forums Manager)

Now I have no idea when to expect anything out of Motorola in this case but it’s nice to see they care enough to talk about it publicly.  The Droid does offer a stock Android experience so my hunch is that it will arrive before some of these MOTOBLUR phones see their next bump.

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  1. ddd
    June 03, 19:26 Reply

    Verizon….see how this whole customer interaction should happen. Nice MOTO…plz keep it up… your doing good on that turnaround effort!

  2. tswagz
    June 03, 20:02 Reply

    Go moto, its ur birthday, go froyo its ur birthday, lol. Hope my motorola droid get android 2.2 soon. Feeling pretty ancious (or how ever u spell it). Please come this month!

    • @brentos1236
      June 05, 06:02 Reply

      Egleast you have the Droid. the GSM one (Motorola Milestone) has been released pretty much everywhere but in Australia :(

  3. khay
    July 13, 05:45 Reply

    thanks for sharing. nice info :p

  4. Andy
    August 15, 11:31 Reply

    I just got the update on the original Moto Droid, Verizon!

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