Rumor:Froyo-Flavored Scorpion to Sting Verizon Customers with 1.5GHz

Like a bad penny, the Scorpion rumors have turned up again.  The last time we checked in on this phone we were reporting that it would feature a 1.5GHz processor and have support for WiMAX.  We, like others, assumed it was Sprint-bound.  It doesn’t look that way any longer.

Mobile Crunch is reporting this afternoon that a “well-informed” source has tipped the phone for a Verizon release.  This source, conflipper, is a pretty big ROM hacker and feels pretty strongly about Verizon being the carrier.  Like most Android rumors, I am inclined to believe them.  There really haven’t been that many that don’t actually come to fruition in some form or another.  For what it’s worth, Snapdragon handsets were first whispered when rumors of an HTC Dragon showed up.  Maybe this is all related to the Scorpion processors from Qualcomm?

Will there be other Scorpion handsets? More importantly, who is psyched over an Android 2.2 phone at 1.5Ghz?

  • kevin

    Oh geeze, now a 1.5Ghz? Make it stop! Make it stop!

  • webby

    1.5Ghz + Android 2.2 = pin your ears back blazing speed.

    Sign me up!

  • Damn. Froyo 2.2 && SnapDragon 1.5Ghz && with Verizon?
    This is madness!

    Verizon seems to get the best Android phones, makes me glad I'm with them. 🙂

  • raul padilla

    its for sprint 4g not Verizon they don't have 4g?

  • It is sad that TMobile can not even a rumor GE. A hot rumor has legs superphone. Every either Verizon or Sprint. WTF. I have this device. Another list of great long phones verizon. I will not be the only customer TMobile pissed rumors, and none deserves to be read pertaing TMobile. I bet that unit us to Verizon.

  • TareX

    Scorpion is “not bad”. The thing is, it can’t accelerate Youtube HD as smooth as Tegra 2, and also consumes a lot more battery juice than Tegra 2….

    I’ve seen what it’s capable of, which is pretty impressive. I think it will come down to battery life. I guess people will appreciate Tegra 2’s battery life advantage, especially after Sprint’s EVO 4G failure to last more than 6 hours with regular usage.

  • Craig

    I have actually been pretty impressed with the battery life of my EVO. It lasts through the whole day even with some pretty hefty usage. Hasn't let me down yet!

  • Sprint will release 2Ghz.

  • MikeL

    a 2gz phone will not be released in 2010, at least not by qualcomm

  • what?? 1.5GHz.. whoaaa…

  • nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it :p